How To Get Smoother Skin With Reviva Labs

24 May

Press Sample It’s been a while since my last Reviva Labs review but the brand is one of the ones that always stays with you because you’re so happy with it. The thing is, I’m a face mask fanatic. Some of you love lipsticks, mascaras or eye shadow palettes, but for me it’s face masks […]

6 Fantastic Benefits Of Papaya For Skin

23 May

Although the papaya trees are native to Mexico and Central America, they’ve become a popular fruit all over the world because they’re so delicious. You can get the most out of papayas by eating them when they’re not fully ripe yet because it’s at this time when it contains the highest levels of papain. Now […]

Why The Acqualina Hotel Should Be On Your Bucket List

17 May

Miami is one of my all time favorite places to visit. I loved it when I was i my twenties and wanted to go to the beach and clubs. I loved it when I discovered that I married a guy who’s idea of a vacation is to just hang out by the pool and eat. […]

ME Smooth Hair Reduction Kit Review

16 May

Press Sample- Review by Rashin and Aleya Hair removal is everywhere. We see commercials and other advertisements for every form of it everywhere. I’ve been considering getting laser done for years but have been holding off because there was never any time. I have three kids who all have things that they want to get […]

LVX Nail Polish Review In Mondrian

11 May

Press Sample During my the last Beauty Pres event I was introduced to a new nail polish line called LVX. The company is one one of those responsible brands that I love discovering because they make quality products without the junk. In other words they’re 7 free, cruelty free and vegan. The LVX spring 2016 […]

Acevivi Eye Shadow Palette In 28 Neutral Colors Is A Bargain

10 May

Press Sample If you know me at all then you know that I’m a neutral girl at heart when it comes to eye shadows. Sure I may have a touch of color here and there but my base is always a neutral color. Now I’ve reviewed some of the more well known brands but I’ve […]

Mitch Stone Shampoo And Conditioner Reviews

5 May

Press Sample Over the years I’ve found that the quality of the hair products that I use affects my hair just as much as the weather. If I use a product that’s made with bad ingredients then my hair is going to turn into a pile of frizz. If I use a quality hair product […]

KBShimmer Spring 2016 Reviews And Swatches

3 May

Press Sample KBShimmer is one of those nail polish brands that comes to mind when you think of color and sparkle. Since I love all things glittery they’re one of the nail polish brands that I obsess over and wear at least three times a month. Now that may not seem to be a lot […]

Blogger Round Up For The Week Of 4/24/16

1 May

Hello everyone! Let’s take a look at some posts from other bloggers that I thought might interest you. Enjoy! Be Happy And Buy Polish: Looking for a way to create a soft makeup look? Jessica used Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows for a natural look. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog: If you are wondering whether TOM FORD Beauty Cream and […]

The Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick In Magnolia Adds Softness To Your Lips

28 Apr

Press Sample I’ve been on a long lasting lipstick kick lately because I don’t have the time or patience to reapply lipstick while I’m at work. There are times however, that I just want a lipstick that’s going to give my lips a punch of moisture so that they feel softer. This usually happens around […]

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