Mitch Stone Shampoo And Conditioner Reviews

5 May

Press Sample Over the years I’ve found that the quality of the hair products that I use affects my hair just as much as the weather. If I use a product that’s made with bad ingredients then my hair is going to turn into a pile of frizz. If I use a quality hair product […]

KBShimmer Spring 2016 Reviews And Swatches

3 May

Press Sample KBShimmer is one of those nail polish brands that comes to mind when you think of color and sparkle. Since I love all things glittery they’re one of the nail polish brands that I obsess over and wear at least three times a month. Now that may not seem to be a lot […]

Blogger Round Up For The Week Of 4/24/16

1 May

Hello everyone! Let’s take a look at some posts from other bloggers that I thought might interest you. Enjoy! Be Happy And Buy Polish: Looking for a way to create a soft makeup look? Jessica used Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows for a natural look. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog: If you are wondering whether TOM FORD Beauty Cream and […]

The Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick In Magnolia Adds Softness To Your Lips

28 Apr

Press Sample I’ve been on a long lasting lipstick kick lately because I don’t have the time or patience to reapply lipstick while I’m at work. There are times however, that I just want a lipstick that’s going to give my lips a punch of moisture so that they feel softer. This usually happens around […]

Avocado And Olive Oil Hair Treatment Recipe For Dry Hair

27 Apr

You already know that I’m obsessed with avocados but did you know that I also have a love for olive oil? Both of these ingredients have heavy duty moisturizing benefits which are also known to add shine to your hair. Add some muscle to that and you’ll be much happier with how string your strands […]

BBC Posts From The Week Of 4/17/16

26 Apr

Hello there. I just wanted to share some of my favorite posts from a few beauty blogger friends that I saw last week. Check them out below. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog: If you seek covet-worthy pink lips for the season, then look no further than TRUE Isaac Mizrahi! TheFabZilla: Looking for cruelty-free superbly pigmented matte lipsticks? Youngblood […]

The 1 Hotel South Beach Should Be On Your Vacation List

25 Apr

I love visiting South Beach because the people are friendly and there are tons of things to do there regardless of your age or relationship status. I went there with friends when I was single and had a great time and have been there a few times  over the years with my family as well. […]

Easy DIY Turmeric Face Mask For Dark Circles

21 Apr

My turmeric face mask recipe obsession started a few months ago when I first started researching the beauty benefits of turmeric. I’m not going to go into full detail about what they are because you can read the post for yourself but believe me when I tell you that the part about it containing curcumin which […]

The ME Makeover Essentials Lip Gloss Set By Vanity Planet Is A Travel Must Have

20 Apr

Press Sample One of the things that I worry about when I travel is which lip colors to take with me. Now I know that many women have one or two lipsticks that they’re obsessed with and wear them every day. There are many of us however that change lip colors based on our moods, […]

BBC Roundup For The Week Of 4/10/16

18 Apr

I know that this post is a bit late in the running but I was out of town so I’m getting to it just now. I’m pretty excited to see a roundup of some of my favorite bloggers and I think that you’ll enjoy some of them as well. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog: Want to […]

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