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Who Do Women Dress For?

14 Jun

It’s funny what people talk about when they think that you’re not listening. I was sitting on the train with my headphones on and the volume low when I overheard two men, one in his  50’s and one in his 40’s discussing the topic of who women dress for. Both of these me were certain […]

Last Census Says FewerPeople Are Getting Married

2 Jun

I’ve been listening to my friend argue with her parents about less women getting married and the reasons for it. My friend is almost 35 years old and still single by choice although the idea of a healthy, beautiful woman who is not married is a foreign idea to her parents. Back in the days […]

Women Who Don’t Want Children

31 May

I have a child and she’s the center of my life. However, there are many women out there who don’t want children today and feel like they’re being pressured to do so. Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who’s in her early thirties, a doctor and perfectly happy being married to a great guy. […]

10 Public Speaking Tips

17 May

Luckily, there are experts who can help people like me to improve presentation skills as well as communication skills in the workplace. Why? Because one of the first things that the marketing firm I work for asked me to do was present the research that I had done on a project and when it was […]

The Most Influential Women In History

6 May

  In honor of mother’s day, I want to thank my mom for all that she’s done for me by listing some of the most influential women in history. Women who changed the world by doing what’s right, by doing what they love and most of all by giving other women someone to look up […]

Why Do Men Cheat?

7 Mar

We’ve all heard spouse cheating stories about our favorite celebrity, the guy down the street or even a coworker or friend who is cheating. In fact, I had just heard a story about a women who went to visit her husband at work because it was his birthday only she was the one surprised at […]

So I Went On A Blind Date And…

4 Mar

Before the invention of Facebook, if you were set up on a blind date, it wouldn’t be easy to check out the guy before the date. Unless your friend had a picture to show you, you would have to take a leap of faith in trusting her when she promised you a guy who was […]

What Makes Me Happy?

28 Feb

How many times have you asked yourself this question! And how many times, it seemed that the correct answer was so obvious! For complete happiness which you lack, you need a turquoise skirt from an expensive store, the latest Chanel shoes, a promotion at work and most of all, a reliable, loving man. However, as […]

Ladies’ Friendship

25 Feb

Female friendship! When men hear these words, they immediately begin to smile ironically. Women, of course, instantly throw themselves into dispute, arguing that the female friendship is real and long lasting! I was curious to discuss this topic with you – what is female friendship and how does it differ from the friendship in general. […]

Which Argument Techniques Do You Use?

24 Feb

Have you ever watched couples fighting? Maybe you were at the mall or at the supermarket and you overheard a piece of the heated conversation. I’ve always been intrigued by the argument styles of couples because I’ve always felt that my husband and I were not really sane when we argued and wondered if other […]

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