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Step Inside: Organizing the Perfect Girls’ Night In

2 May

Getting together with your friends (women only) for a night of pampering, entertainment and of course conversation is one of the best ways to relax and have fun. Hosting a girls’ night in shouldn’t be too expensive or taxing (you’re all there for a good time, right, girls!) but there are a few essentials to […]

Packing Your Camping Essentials

24 May

Packing Your Camping Essentials

Kafziel / / CC BY-SA With the warmer weather on its way, those of us with tents might be thinking about getting them out of the loft, and those of us without tents might be thinking in investing for easy, low cost holidays in the UK. Camping is a great way to get away […]

Hardt vs Mioku: The Battle Of Botched DIY Cosmetic Surgery

26 Apr

As the popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures increases, a small number of people are taking plastic surgery into their own hands. The most common type of procedure emulated at home is an injection of facial filler. As this procedure is done as an outpatient procedure and does not require any cutting or stitching, just a […]

Facts About Cosmetic Facial Surgery

30 Jan

This infograph was submitted by Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

The Pressure To Get Married Amongst Women

30 Nov

    I was having drinks with a few of my single friends last week. These women range from twenty five to thirty years of age, have great careers, are smart, beautiful and happy. The problem is that they’re under a lot of pressure to get married from family members, friends and even co-workers.  The […]

Self-Made Women

5 Oct

Sponsored Post A few weeks back I wrote a post about the richest women in America and found that seven out of eight of these women either married into their money or inherited it. While there’s nothing wrong with that  I couldn’t help but wonder about all of the self-made women. Women who started something big and […]

10 Richest Women In The USA 2011

1 Aug

Women have come a long way in the world. We fought for our right to vote, we are holding coveted positions in ‘men only ‘industries and we make big money. Here is a list of the 10 richest women in the USA for 2011. Ladies who made it on their own (even though marrying into […]

How Succeed In Online Dating: Part 1

27 Jul

Online dating is tough.  Either you’re the woman that gets millions of emails a day (mostly from stalkers) or you’re the woman that gets a couple of emails a month (mostly rejection letters).  Either way, waiting for the right guy to find you can be exhausting. The following is a few tips to help your […]

What Makes Someone Sexy?

6 Jul

Everyone has an opinion on what makes someone sexy. Some people like legs, others collar bones. But what about the attributes that someone has aside from their appearance? While we first notice people’s looks, after we get to know someone for a while, we tend to look past the looks and start appreciating them for […]

Best Spots for a Girls Night Out in NYC

20 Jun

New York City can be a hard on a girl and sometimes you just need to escape into a world of long talks, indulgences, and heavy drinking with your friends. There are plenty of bars to choose from in NYC, but only a handful offer that ideal combination of sweet and swanky that makes for […]

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