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7 Benefits Of Mango For The Skin And Hair

11 Jul

The mango is one of those fruits that not only tastes good but has many uses. Many people use them to make drinks, chutneys and sorbets however since they have so rich in vitamins A, B-6, C and K, omega 3, omega 6, antioxidants and other nutrients we are also seeing them in skin care […]

6 Fantastic Benefits Of Papaya For Skin

23 May

Although the papaya trees are native to Mexico and Central America, they’ve become a popular fruit all over the world because they’re so delicious. You can get the most out of papayas by eating them when they’re not fully ripe yet because it’s at this time when it contains the highest levels of papain. Now […]

Beauty Benefits Of Turmeric

11 Apr

The benefits of turmeric have been known to the Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries. It is often added to food but is also turned into medication and even beauty products. Although it is used to help prevent conditions such as Alzheimers, cancer and joint paint I want to concentrate on the many […]

Benefits of Soursop For Skin

29 Feb

I’ll never forget the first time that I tried a soursop fruit. My local supermarket had set aside a section for exotic fruit such as dragon fruit, guava and of course the soursop. The green shell of the soursop is what attracted me to it because it reminded me of scales.  Based on looks, I […]

Why Avocado Is Good For Your Skin

2 Oct

Why Avocado Is Good For Your Skin

If you’re a regular here at Spontaneous Chick, one of the things that you’ll notice is that I’m an avocado skin care fanatic. In general I’ve been sharing some avocado face mask recipes with you but you’re going to be reading a lot about hair masks and exfoliate recipes soon too. Let’s face it, I’m […]

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips For Forty Year Olds

5 Aug

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips For Forty Year Olds

I was with a group of friends yesterday and we were talking about age. It suddenly dawned on me that I’m heading into my forties so I went to my aunt who has the best skin on earth for advice. Then I saw an aesthetician, a dermatologist and of course I dug into my own […]

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips For 30 Year Olds

28 Jul

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips For 30 Year Olds

The third installation of my anti-aging beauty tips is geared towards women who are in their thirties. Why am I breaking up the age groups you ask. Because as we age our skin changes. We lose moisture, collagen and that beautiful, healthy glow we all chase. It gets slightly harder to nurture ourselves and we […]

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips For 20s

21 Jul

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips For 20s

When we’re in our twenties our skin has plenty of collagen and elasticity. We aren’t too worried about wrinkles and fine lines. While there are many people who suffer from acne, rosacea and other skin problems, there are those of us who have been a little spoiled by having good skin and think that we’re […]

Benefits Of Honey On Skin That Will Keep You Coming Back

26 Mar

Benefits Of Honey On Skin That Will Keep You Coming Back

For centuries the benefits of honey have been known to give the skin a beautiful healthy glow. Today, some of the biggest beauty companies  in the world make products that contain honey as an ingredient and promise great results. The fact of the matter is that honey is truly one of the greatest super foods […]

How To Get Softer Lips This Winter

20 Jan

It all started when I was at work one very cold winter day. I was talking to a client when my lips started feeling unbelievably dry, cracked and almost plastic-like. The first chance I got I started shopping for some lip soothing products. It took no time at all for my lips to start feeling […]

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