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Reviva Labs Nourishing Cream Review

29 Nov

Press Sample- Review by Aleya I have shared several Reviva Lab reviews with you in the past and I have to say that the company has never let me down before. Today is no different. I’ve been trying their Nourishing Cream for a few weeks now and it’s another hit. For those of you who […]

Reviva Labs Under Eye Dark Circle Serum Review

20 Oct

Press Sample- Review by Aleya I’m a terrible sleeper. I use to have a cup of coffee before bed so that my body would relax and I would pass out for the night. Now I don’t drink or eat anything with caffeine in it after 3. I also use to sleep like a baby but […]

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer Review

28 Sep

Press Sample- Review By Aleya I have to admit that as I’m heading into my 40′s it’s been getting harder to take care of my skin. When I was younger I was a sun worshiper and back then no one discussed the dangers of the sun’s rays or how you would pay for your lack […]

Caprina Goats Milk Skin Care Reviews

19 Sep

Press Sample- Review By Aleya I’ve been obsessed with body products made from goat’s milk ever since I walked over the the cash register at Whole Foods and made an impulse buy a few years ago. I noticed that the goats milk was super gentle and very moisturizing on my dry skin. I recently received […]

Reviva Labs Pomegranate Lactic Acid Exfoliant Review

12 Sep

Press Sample- Review By Aleya I’ve shared a few Reviva Labs reviews over the last couple of years and I have to say that I’ve never been let down by the brand before. Today I want to tell you about their Pomegranate/ Lactic Acid Exfoliant which they claim helps to remove dead skin cells, fights […]

Pur Lisse Blue Lotus And Seaweed Mask Review

17 Aug

There’s something about a good facial mask that makes my day. If I take the time to use a mask and get brighter, healthier looking skin I get about the same satisfaction as someone who just climbed Mount Everest. There’s just a huge sense of accomplishment and bliss. It may sound strange to you but […]

Avene Skin Care Reviews

10 Aug

Press Sample- Review by Aleya I’ve mentioned a few times that I have rosacea on my cheeks. It’s not the worse rosacea out there, I’ve definitely seen worse. However, since it’s my skin that worries me most it bothers me when the crazy hot or frigid cold weather makes my cheeks turn cherry red. I […]

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