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Pur Lisse Blue Lotus And Seaweed Mask Review

17 Aug

There’s something about a good facial mask that makes my day. If I take the time to use a mask and get brighter, healthier looking skin I get about the same satisfaction as someone who just climbed Mount Everest. There’s just a huge sense of accomplishment and bliss. It may sound strange to you but […]

Avene Skin Care Reviews

10 Aug

Press Sample- Review by Aleya I’ve mentioned a few times that I have rosacea on my cheeks. It’s not the worse rosacea out there, I’ve definitely seen worse. However, since it’s my skin that worries me most it bothers me when the crazy hot or frigid cold weather makes my cheeks turn cherry red. I […]

Decleor Intense Nutrition Mask Review

21 Jul

Press Sample- Review by Aleya I normally have pretty good skin. ¬†Every now and again though it dries out. Usually this happens during the winter when it’s frigid outside but if I don’t drink enough water or use the wrong skin care product it can happen during the summer too. Considering that I know a […]

Ole Henriksen Reviews

19 Jul

Press Samples- Review by Rashin Ole Henrikson is a name that I’m familiar with but until recently have had absolutely no experience with whatsoever. This all changed when Ole Henrikson sent me a few of their products to test out and review. Normally skin care products should be tested for eight weeks so that you […]

Jane Iredale BeautyPrep Reviews

14 Jun

Press Sample- Review By Rashin Aleya has shared a few Jane Iredale reviews with you but those reviews are beauty product reviews. For the first time however, the brand has launched a line of products called BeautyPrep which has been designed to prolong the wear of mineral makeup. The line consists of a cleanser, a […]

Jurlique Hand Cream Review

1 Jun

Press Sample I spend a good part of my work day wearing latex gloves which tends to dry out my hands. During the winter it’s a disaster but during the summer it’s a little more manageable. There are two things that I do to keep my hands smooth. First, I exfoliate my hands along with […]

How To Get Smoother Skin With Reviva Labs

24 May

Press Sample It’s been a while since my last Reviva Labs review but the brand is one of the ones that always stays with you because you’re so happy with it. The thing is, I’m a face mask fanatic. Some of you love lipsticks, mascaras or eye shadow palettes, but for me it’s face masks […]

Key West Aloe Bath And Shower Gel Is Refreshing

30 Mar

Press Sample There are two things that help me get my day started- a strong cup of coffee and a fragrant bath gel. Without either one or both of these you don’t want to come near me because I will not be the happiest person on Earth. While that cup of coffee is a major […]

Alitura Clay Mask Review

23 Mar

Press Sample Ladies, I’m seriously considering going to a hoarders meeting. My problem is that I’m obsessed with face masks. i already have over thirty different kinds at home and recently purchased about seven more from a beauty show. You would think that it would be enough but I always want more. Before you judge […]

Osmosis Calm Review

3 Mar

Press Sample While I’m blessed with beautiful skin I do have a touch of rosacea on my cheeks. On a regular day it’s not so bad but during the summer and winter months when I have to deal with humidity, heat and bone chilling cold winds my skin can flare up big time. My friends […]

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