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Patricia Nail Lacquer Review

25 Jun

Patricia Nail Lacquer Review

Patricia Yankee is a an award winning nail polish professional who has worked with many celebrities including Katy Perry, Pink and Rachel Ray. I recently attended an event where I got to check out some of her polishes and instantly started sorting through all of the colors that I want. Patricia Yankee Nail Lacquer Review [...]

Trind Nail Polish Review

21 May

Trind Nail Polish Review

In my profession and everyday life I use my nails for a lot of random things. Opening packages, dialing numbers, deleting images from my camera… I know that I shouldn’t do any of it but it really can’t be helped. Finding nail strengtheners are one of the best ways that I can fight the frail, [...]

Some Cute Holiday Nail Art Designs

12 Dec

Some Cute Holiday Nail Art Designs

One of my favorite things about any holiday is the incredible nail art designs that you see everywhere. The Christmas holiday is no different from the others and is in fact filled with tons of creative ideas that you can pick up. Here are a few that I’ve seen that aren’t too difficult to copy [...]

China Glaze Optical Illusion

13 Feb

China Glaze Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion by China Glaze is a captivating sparkly turquoise color with hints of pink, lavender, orange and blue. Depending on the lighting in the room and whether I was outdoors or inside I was constantly surprised by how it shined and how the colors stood out. More than any of the other polishes that I’ve tried [...]

6 Cool Nail Polish Designs

9 Oct

6 Cool Nail Polish Designs

I’ve been seeing some really cool nail polish designs on a daily basis. At the supermarket, the pharmacy, at work, my daughter’s school…. They’re everywhere and I can’t help but go up to people and ask if I can check out their nails. Some people think I’m weird but most love the attention. Here are [...]

Essie Playa Del Platinum

29 Aug

Playa Del Platinum by Essie is a greyed out putty color that has just enough depth to make it interesting. It’s a neutral color which means that regardless of the type of job you have you can wear it without worrying about work etiquette. It can transcend seasons and goes with everything so it’s super [...]

OCC Nail Polish

20 Jul

When I first heard about OCC nail polish (aka Obsessive Compulsive nail polish) I made it a mission to try them out. I love the fact that the company is 100% vegan and cruelty free because they prove that you can put out a great product without adding unnecessary ingredients or being cruel to animals. [...]


2 Jul

When RX4Nails offered to send me a bottle of their nail oil, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. To put it lightly, my nails were severely dry and breaking constantly because I type and text a lot and I wash my hands constantly. I needed something to make them strong again and [...]

Essie French Affair

29 May

French Affair is a beautiful pink polish by Essie that I was quick to purchase after I tried it out at the nail salon. The best way that I can describe this color is to say that it’s a toned down version of Fiji which I love on other people but feel like is too [...]

China Glaze Lorelei’s Tiara Review

11 Apr

Lorelei’s Tiara by China Glaze is a stellar glittery nail polish that is perfect for sunny days. The base of the polish is a silver glitter and it’s sprinkled with blue glitter so that when the sun or some light hits it, it catches the white light and truly dazzles the eyes. This is not [...]

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