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Fashion Trends For Spring 2016

12 Apr

Spring 2016 is here with us and it is full of surprises, especially on matters fashion. Are you ready for it? You need to; otherwise you will be missing a lot! The biggest fashion trends are out and we don’t want you to be left out. If you feel like your budget might be a little tight, […]

Jewelry Trends For Spring Summer 2016

18 Mar

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your wardrobe is by changing up your jewelry. The right piece can make your outfit by adding color, texture, dimension or a sense of fun to your style. All of these are aspects of the jewelry trends for spring summer 2016. Check out what you […]

Fashion Trends For 2016: Lingerie

15 Feb

I’ve been obsessed with lingerie ever since I was a kid. While other kids wanted to be astronauts and veterinarians I wanted to open a combination lingerie andflower shop. Weird? Sure, but I would have made a killing on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The thing is, even to this day, it’s not just the […]

ShoeTrends For Spring Summer 2016

25 Jan

If you’re one of those girls who likes to show off your creative side by wearing the hottest shoes then you’re in luck. The shoe trends for spring summer 2016 are more colorful and artistic than ever. Bold colors, extravagant prints and sexy lines are everywhere. Check out how beautiful the styles are and get […]

Top 3 Online Catalogues for 2016

17 Dec

Guest Post Are you bored of the UK high street? Sick of having to queue for ages in busy shops with the same old products? Ordering from a catalogue can provide you with more choice and flexibility – and it’s a lot cheaper than you think. Not only will you be able to spread the […]

How to look Your Absolute Best at Your Beach or Pool Vacation

2 Jun

Vacations at the beach or pool entail hours of relaxation – lounging in the sun and sipping cold drinks, going for a cool dip in the water. It is the ultimate calming vacation. At places like these, women are bound to get more exposed with regard to certain areas of their bodies than they usually do anywhere else. […]

Prom Dress Trends 2015

15 Apr

Prom Dress Trends 2015

It’s time to start planning for prom again and asides from having a date (or an awesome group of friends to hang out with), the most important thing on your mind right now should be your dress. Once those two things are taken care of everything else should pretty much fall into place. To help […]

How To Wear Polka Dots And Look Good Doing It

22 Jan

How To Wear Polka Dots And Look Good Doing It

Ever looked at someone wearing polka dots and think that their outfit was meant to be worn by a three year old? Maybe you’ve tried on some dots and didn’t like how they looked and wondered how to wear polka dots without looking overdone. Here are a few tips to help get you on your […]

Winter 2015 Shoe Trends

11 Nov

Winter 2015 Shoe Trends

I can honestly say that I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t love bags and shoes. They’re the ultimate accessories! While I love checking out the clothes and beauty looks on the runways I also keep an eye on the shoes because I have to know how much room to make in y closet […]

Winter 2015 Fashion Trends

9 Oct

Winter 2015 Fashion Trends

Looks like the cold weather from last year got designers inspired to come up with some warm and cozy clothes for this year. If it’s going to be as bad as the experts think I’m thankful for these amazing winter 2015 fashion trends. Winter 2015 Fashion Trends Color! Gold is one of the hottest winter […]

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