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Must Have Accessories For A Home Library Besides Books

28 Nov

The home library is a place where you can curl up, read a book and relax. You could say that it’s a sanctuary where you can take time for yourself and go to another world. It can be a meditative experience if you get lost in thought or there can be laughter and conversation if […]

10 Ways To Use Gold Accents In Your Home Decor

22 Sep

One of the things that I noticed at the Architectural Digest Show was how many beautiful decorative gold pieces they were showcasing. Many people think that gold is over the top or too antique looking. This can be true at times, but gold accents can give your home a traditional, modern or airy look depending […]

Mitchell Black Crown Plates Bring Royalty To Your Decor

15 Sep

Press Sample= Review by Rashin A while back I had attended a Beauty Press event. While most of the vendors there were from various beauty companies there was one that specialized in home decor by the name of Mitchell Black. The girls at the booth were very friendly and we started talking about the selection […]

How To Do Coastal Bathroom Decor Tips

27 Jul

If you’re looking for a little bit of peace, tranquility and fond summer memories then the beach may be the place for you. For those times that you can’t get to the beach, then maybe you can bring the concept home with you. A while ago, I shared some coastal decorating ideas to do this very […]

Black And White Living Room Decor Ideas

2 Jun

Black and white is one of those color combinations that’s a classic yet is modern and clean as well. It’s possible to say that out of all of the color combinations it’s perhaps the most timeless. Because it’s not just another trendy color story, the duo lends itself to a wide range of opportunities and […]

Top Kitchen Decor Trends From The Architectural Digest Show

4 Apr

A couple of weeks ago I told you that the Architectural Show in NYC. I got the opportunity to attend myself and I have to tell you that it took everything I had to not purchase a new kitchen on the spot. I do need a new kitchen though (all thanks to two burst pipes […]

Architectural Digest Show NYC 2016

15 Mar

It was pretty cold here a few weeks ago and two if the pipes in my house froze and eventually blew up. Initially I was worried about the expense of fixing it. About a week later I learned that all of the pipes in my floors have to get redone. Being that the floors in […]

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