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Winter 2015 Beauty Trends

23 Nov

I’m not a fan of the cold and the snow but every year I do warm up by checking out the winter 2015 beauty trends. The latest and newest in beauty helps to inspire me to change things up a bit and create looks that will hold me over until spring arrives. Some of the […]

Beauty Tips For Prom

9 Apr

Beauty Tips For Prom

It’s time to get ready for the prom and you have a date (or awesome group of friends), dress and shoes ready. The next step is to come up with an idea of how you want to do your makeup. Now you may think that you wear cosmetics on a regular basis and you’ll just […]

How To Treat Blackheads

3 Jun

How To Treat Blackheads

FoundryParkInn / / CC BY-NC-ND You work hard to keep your skin looking healthy so it can be very annoying to see blackheads pop up on your face. Whether, it’s because you’re prone to them, because you’re getting laser and electrolysis hair removal or have an adverse reaction to shaving or waxing it’s very […]

How To Do A Natural Makeup Look

15 Aug

How To Do A Natural Makeup Look

                                      While it’s fun to wear boldly colored makeup sometimes you just want to look like yourself. However, even when looking like ourselves we sometimes feel the need for a little help. Sarah McNamara, the developer of […]

How To Do A Leopard Print Eye Shadow

16 May

Leopard print eye shadow is one of my favorite artistic eye makeup ideas. It’s a fun way to walk on the wild side and set your creative side free. If you’ve never tried doing it before, you may think that it’s hard, however you’ll find that with the right tools and a little practice getting […]

At Home Spa Pedicure For Summer Sexy Feet

2 May

                      It’s that time of the year again, when we set our feet free from winter socks and boots. But before we can slip our piggies into glam sandals and open toe summery heels we need to scuff off the dead dry layers and get […]

3 Awesome Spring 2012 Hair Trends

15 Mar

Spring is known as the time for change, so what better way to celebrate the season than to go for a dramatic new hairstyle? With the bleak days of winter melting away, the new colors and sounds of spring make the perfect setting for a woman to experiment with new hairstyles and find a cut […]

How To Get Rid of Acne And Blemishes

17 Jan

Microdermabrasion is one way to get rid of blemishes, but there are other ways too. Here’s how to get rid of ugly blackheads, white zits and embarrassing pimples. 1.       Exfoliate One of the best ways to achieve clean and clear skin is to exfoliate. Simply take your favourite exfoliating shower gel and rub the gentle […]

How To Look Like Demi Moore

29 Nov

Demi Moore looks amazing. At the age of 49 her skin is flawless, she has the body of a twenty ear old and she’s blessed with thick shiny hair. You can spend three hours a day at the gym and become a health freak and chances are that you won’t look as healthy and vibrant […]

Shaving Tips For Women

10 Aug

The post Shaving Tips For Women is inspired by the fact that so many women don’t know how to shave their legs properly today. I know a 14 year old girl whose mother always waxed and never shaved so her advice to her daughter was to dry shave with a disposable razor. It boggles my […]

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