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Reviva Labs Under Eye Dark Circle Serum Review

20 Oct

Press Sample- Review by Aleya I’m a terrible sleeper. I use to have a cup of coffee before bed so that my body would relax and I would pass out for the night. Now I don’t drink or eat anything with caffeine in it after 3. I also use to sleep like a baby but […]

The Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush Is A Must Have!

13 Oct

Press Sample- Review By Aleya Rashin and I are usually pretty good about deciding which one of us gets to review the products that we get in review. When we heard from the Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush people we had to play a game of rocks paper scissors to see which one of us gets […]

JustFab Review

7 Oct

Press Sample. Sponsored Post- Review by Aleya I’ve been seeing JustFab commercials for a while now and I have to say that they always got my attention. As someone who loves to get a good deal on clothes and has an obsession with shoes the brand did a great job of getting their name planted […]

How To Buy Women’s Outfits At Online Shopping Sites

5 Oct

Guest post submitted by Catherine- Contains affiliate links There is no question that shopping for clothes online has become a popular trend. No matter if you buy them from a bigger box store, or from a boutique, chances are you can always find a great deal. However, when you buy clothes online, you will also […]

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer Review

28 Sep

Press Sample- Review By Aleya I have to admit that as I’m heading into my 40′s it’s been getting harder to take care of my skin. When I was younger I was a sun worshiper and back then no one discussed the dangers of the sun’s rays or how you would pay for your lack […]

The Mirrorvana Mirror Is A Perfect Fit For Your Tabletop

26 Sep

Press Sample- Review by Rashin There are five of us in my home so mornings tent to be hectic. The worste of it is when my two daughters and I fight over the vanity mirror in the bath because we are all trying to get our faces on in the morning. I’ll tell you, I […]

10 Ways To Use Gold Accents In Your Home Decor

22 Sep

One of the things that I noticed at the Architectural Digest Show was how many beautiful decorative gold pieces they were showcasing. Many people think that gold is over the top or too antique looking. This can be true at times, but gold accents can give your home a traditional, modern or airy look depending […]

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