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Ipsy Sugar Highness Review

22 Aug

I couldn’t wait to get the Ipsy Sugar Highness beauty box this month. Yes, I was excited to get more beauty products in the mail but there’s another reason. One of the things that I love about Ipsy is that before they mail you your next beauty sample box they send you an email showing […]

Pur Lisse Blue Lotus And Seaweed Mask Review

17 Aug

There’s something about a good facial mask that makes my day. If I take the time to use a mask and get brighter, healthier looking skin I get about the same satisfaction as someone who just climbed Mount Everest. There’s just a huge sense of accomplishment and bliss. It may sound strange to you but […]

Surya Brasil Shave Gel Review

16 Aug

Press Sample- Review By Rashin A very long time ago I wrote a post about shaving tips for women where I said that one of the best ways to get a good shave is to use the right tools. My recommendation was to use shaving cream (also known s shaving gel). The reason for this […]

Stop Mixing Up Your Razors With Yorz

15 Aug

Press Sample- Review By Aleya We’ve all mixed up our razors at one time or another. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I accidentally used my sister’s razor when I was younger or used my husband’s razor later on. I would blame it on the lack of coffee in my system […]

Avene Skin Care Reviews

10 Aug

Press Sample- Review by Aleya I’ve mentioned a few times that I have rosacea on my cheeks. It’s not the worse rosacea out there, I’ve definitely seen worse. However, since it’s my skin that worries me most it bothers me when the crazy hot or frigid cold weather makes my cheeks turn cherry red. I […]

A Pretty True Red Lipstick By Feral

8 Aug

Press Sample- Review By Aleya There’s something that I want to tell you about my journey as a blogger and beauty product hoarder. When I first started, I wouldn’t really consider wearing a bright red during the day. Red was something that I wore at night with my little black dress and heels. Today, that’s […]

Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit The Bronx Zoo

3 Aug

One of the best things about New York is that it has so much to offer the kids. Aquariums, museums, outdoor playgrounds, botanical gardens and of course zoos. The Bronx Zoo is by far one of my all time favorite zoos because there’s so much to do. I’ve been there several times and it never […]

Avocado And Olive Oil Body Scrub Recipe

1 Aug

You didn’t think that I use avocado on my face alone, did you? The benefits of avocado for the skin are so amazing that I like to make my very own homemade avocado and olive oil body scrub just to hone in on all of the goodness of it. Combine that with the smoothing powers […]

Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette Review

29 Jul

Press Sample- Review By Aleya One of the things that makes my life easier is an eye shadow palette that allows me to create various versions of a natural look. I want something that lets me create everything from the I woke up lke this look to the run to the bagel store look and […]

How To Do Coastal Bathroom Decor Tips

27 Jul

If you’re looking for a little bit of peace, tranquility and fond summer memories then the beach may be the place for you. For those times that you can’t get to the beach, then maybe you can bring the concept home with you. A while ago, I shared some coastal decorating ideas to do this very […]

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