Skin Research Laboratories Instant Cell Exfoliator Review

31 Mar

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One of my favorite things about my Sunday morning beauty ritual is using an exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells from my face and body. The entire process can take a few minutes but it only takes a minutes to cover my face and neck areas. Once I’m done, I feel refreshed and my skin looks healthier and more vibrant. Some products work better than others but I’ve yet to try one that I absolutely hate which intrigues me because there are a few cleansers and moisturizers that I won’t touch ever again.

The latest exfoliate that I’ve been using is the Skin Research Laboratories Instant Cell Exfoliator. The company claims that it will give ‘smoother, softer and younger looking skin instantly’ which is something that I’m looking for since the winter has dried up my skin. I’ve also been dieting pretty strenuously and the lack of fats in my diet has also dried out my skin a bit so I’m working double time to make it look good.

skin research laboratories instant cell exfoliator review

Skin Research Laboratories Exfoliator Review

The Skin Research Laboratories Instant Cell Exfoliator is housed in a cream colored box with a clear plastic bottom. It’s pretty elegant and makes a great gift design. Once you take the top off of the plastic, you’ll find a pretty teal tube with silver writing on it nestled in the blue plastic bottom.


When you squeeze some of the exfoliate out of the tube it looks like a thick shimmery cream. The shimmer comes from the tiny bits of crushed pearls that it’s made with which help to give it it’s fantastic exfoliating abilities. As with any exfoliating product, I put a bit on my finger tips and make small circles on my skin. I did find it a little abrasive, actually a bit too abrasive for comfort. Surprisingly however, my rosacea didn’t worsen from the scratching sensation. Something else that got my attention at the very same time was that my skin was singing from some sort of minty ingredient that they have in there. What do I mean from singing? If you’ve ever tried a lip plumper with mint then you’ll understand what I’m trying to say but instead of a small lip area coming to life it was my entire face. Not my favorite feeling in the world.

I was actually thinking about how I was not enjoying my experience with the product at all but then I got hit with something that changed my mind. Once I rinsed my skin and patted it dry, it felt ridiculously smooth. My skin actually felt like I just got a professional microdermabrasion  treatment. I also found that after the very first treatment my skin appeared to be smoother and more even in tone. The flaky whiteness which started showing up this past week thanks to the cold weather were completely gone.

I’m all about safety so I love that the exfoliator is aluminum free, plastic bead free, paraben free and preservative free. Why have lots of unnecessary junk in your products when you can get good results without endangering your skin and body with them?

While I love my comfort, I’m obsessed with good results and great looking skin. The Skin Research Laboratories Instant Cell Exfoliator may be a little uncomfortable to use but it made my skin look and feel sensational which is always my end goal when I use a product. I would definitely use it in the future, especially during the winter when my skin is a little harder to care for and looks a little dry.

A 4.4 oz tube of the Skin Research Laboratories Instant Cell Exfoliator costs $79. It sounds like a lot but it will last a while. If you want to give it a try just head on over to Skin Research Labs.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers  

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