Daily Goodie Box February 2017 Review

28 Mar

Press Sample- Review by Aleya

I’m all about the sample. Normally it’s the beauty samples that I crave but I’ve just been introduced to a whole new, totally free way of trying out non-beauty related products. I know, I know there are some companies out there that claim the same thing but in my experience many of them send out just one or two things or you have to wait for ages to get a box. Daily Goodie Box is different from all of those companies. It’s actually worth the minute it takes to sign up. Come to think of it, it’s worth much more than a minute.

The way that Daily Goodie Box works is really easy. You go to https://dailygoodiebox.com/ and fill in your name and email. They will send an email to you within a few minutes and ask for you to activate the account. Once you click the activation link you can go ahead and fill in your address. That’s it! It’s quick, easy and painless. They send out boxes daily so your wait time is pretty short. The one thing that they do request however, is that after you get your box and try out the products that you login to your account and write a quick review. Free stuff in exchange for less than five minutes of your thoughts sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


Daily Goodie Box Review


The Daily Goodie Box February 2017 box included a whole lot of stuff for me to try out:

Just Chill Jamaican Citrus Sparkling Beverage

The company claims that this drink helps reduce stress, increase focus and reduce anxiety. All of this sounds great except I can’t stand the taste of artificial sweeteners and this tastes like it’s loaded with it. I didn’t get past a few sips before I threw it out.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in the Raspberry Flavor

I found this bar to be on the dry side so I probably wouldn’t eat it again without a cup of coffee to wash it down. I do like that it has a bit of sweetness and it’s rather filling though. So far I have a 50/50 battle of whether or not I would eat this bar again in the future. My sister who happens to be a health nut on the other hand says that it’s her morning breakfast about five days a week. She doesn’t mind how dry it is and says that it gives her the energy and sweetness that she needs in the morning.

If you want to try it out though there are lots of positives about it. The bar is made with stone ground whole wheat, free of high fructose corn syrup, free of artificial flavors, free of artificial colors, soy free, dairy free, cholesterol free, contains 0% trans fat, certified vegan and certified kosher.

Gorilly Goods Trail Flavor Nut/ Goji/ Cacao Mix

I find that there are times when I’m so busy at work that I don’t have time for a proper lunch. This snack mix is perfect for the times when I want something that’s filling, delicious, healthy and can be eaten in two minutes flat. It’s a fantastic combination of fruits and nuts so you get a balance of sweetness and crunch. I would definitely buy this snack for my family. By the way, if you have special dietary needs this mix is organic, gluten free, raw and vegan.

XYLIChew Gum In Spearmint

Normally I’m not much of a gum chewer but I’ve been chewing it a lot lately because I had a cold and my ear keeps popping. This gum arrived just in time because it’s when I first started trying to get my ear back on track. It has a great non-sugary spearmint flavor that lasted a good ten minutes which is about how long I can stand chewing gum before I have to toss it out. There are a few reasons besides the flavor that I actually do like this brand of gum above many of the others that I’ve tried. First and foremost it promotes healthier teeth becaue it contains xylitol which helps balance pH levels in the mouth and reduce the risk of tooth decay. It also has no  chemicals, no artificial sweeteners, is safe for people with diabetes and many food allergies, is GMO free, is soy free  and is gluten free.

Vermont Smoke And Cure Cracked Pepper Beef And Pork Stick

I’m not a pork fan so I gave this snack to a friend and she told me that her eight year old son loved it.  The closest thing that I can compare it to is beef jerky but it’s a little thicker. It’s too small to be a meal replacement but it’s great to carry around in case the little ones suddenly get hungry and you want to give them something besides cookies and cheese puffs.

Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

Description- ‘Putting healthy fats in your cup of joe will turn it into super brain fuel. It’ll give you a boost of energy, make you laser focused, and can even help you feel full until lunch. Plus, you won’t feel the mid-morning “crash” you’d get from eating a carb-filled breakfast.’

Of all of the things that I found in the February Daily Goodie Box, it was the coffee that got me the most excited because yes, I too am a caffeine addict. Until now, I’ve never heard of butter coffee so this is a first for me. I found that the coffee was more like a paste and once I poured boiling water over it, it liquefied instantly just like any other coffee. The consistency of the coffee is a little thicker and buttery. I didn’t really love the first two sips because the flavor didn’t give me that ‘Good morning world’ wake up kick. After a few sips though I did find that the flavor grew on me and I started to enjoy the thick, buttery flavor.

Dream Water Sleep Powder in Snoozeberry

I don’t sleep well at all so this powder was something that I was looking forward to trying out. They advise you to take one stick approximately 30 minutes prior to sleeping. If your sleep is interrupted then they want you to take another stick to continue sleep. They only sent one packet in the box so I decided to take it when I wake up in the middle of the night because falling asleep when I go to bed isn’t my problem. My issue is staying asleep. At 3 AM on the dot I woke up and drank up the concoction. Maybe it was the excitement of the possibility that I may fall asleep or maybe the powder just doesn’t work for me. Either way, I didn’t fall asleep again until after 6 AM.

Aloha Dietary Supplements in Daily Good Greens Chocolate Blend

I like to make smoothies every now and then so I felt good about adding this powder to the mix. I didn’t really taste a big difference because my smoothies are loaded with fruits and veggies but I love the idea that I’m adding more health to my meal. The supplement contains a full serving of fruits & veggies, 200% DV vitamin D, is low in sugar, is paleo friendly, has only 50 calories per pouch and does not contain anything artificial.

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste

My kid hates to brush her teeth but she’s been better about doing it since she started using this toothpaste. It’s clear in color, has a very light raspberry fragrance and surprisingly enough doesn’t foam. She’s been brushing regularly since she started using this toothpaste.

Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda and Nellie’s All Natural Wow Stick Stain Remover

I’ve been wanting to try out an all natural laundry detergent and the stick stain remover was a bonus in this box. The problem is that neither one helped to remove the stains on my kids cloths. I have a nine year old daughter who likes to toss her coat on the floor, wipe her mouth on her sleeve and put all kinds of marker stains, food stains and dirt on her clothes. Neither the laundry soda or the stick stain remover got any of it out at all. The dirt on her jacket was still there when I took it out of the wash and the strawberry juice was still on her shirt. Bummer.

I have mixed feelings about the February Daily Goodie Box. Although I didn’t like some of the products I do like a few of them and would purchase them in the future. That’s the great thing about these boxes though. You get to try them for free and if you don’t like them then there’s no loss. If you do like them they you’ve gained knowledge about a surprising new find.

If you’re looking to try new products then I would give the Daily Goodie Box a try. There’s nothing to lose.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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