Hilton In Barbados Review

7 Mar

A few years ago I went to the Hilton in Jamaica and it was so dirty that I swore that I would never stay at another one of their locations again. My husband had to really push me to agree to go to the Hilton in Barbados and show me all of the great things that he read about it. Honestly, I didn’t even bother doing any research myself because things were so hectic at work and I was exhausted.

My stomach was tied up in knots as we drove to the hotel from the airport. A good hotel is a big part of having a relaxing vacation for me and if I’m not happy with the hotel then it takes away from my trip. My criteria for a good hotel is fairly simple and if you meet all of them then I’ll visit again but if I’m not happy then the chances are low. What I look for when booking a hotel are as follows:

  • nice atmosphere
  • comfortable beds
  • cleanliness
  • have good food and/or are near good restaurants
  • have a friendly staff
  • nice beach (if applicable)
  • good kids club


Hilton Hotel In Barbados Review

Atmosphere- The Hilton in Barbados gets a 7 out of 10 as far as decor goes. There’s really nothing special about it, The building is beige in color and has very simple furnishings. They don’t really have all of the bright colors that I’m accustomed to seeing in the Caribbean and that’s a downer because when I’m on vacation on an island I want to feel like someone is going to hand me a pretty drink with a chunk of pineapple on the rim while pointing to a pretty blue beach chair. The Hilton is seriously beige and I didn’t get that feeling here. There is some color outside by the pool and eating area where they feature orange umbrellas but that’s pretty much it.

Comfortable Beds- We stayed at the hotel for one week and I probably got two to three hours of sleep a night because the beds were so uncomfortable. The problem was that the mattresses had metal coils in them instead of memory foam and the coils would wear their way into my back. I befriended an English woman who told me that they had one bed with memory foam and one with the springs so they had a fight every night about who got which bed.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, another problem was that the beds were extremely small. What they call a queen size bed is somewhere between a twin and a queen. The size of the mattress was so tight that if one of use tried to turn the other would wake up or would be pushed to the edge of the mattress, It was definitely the worst hotel that I stayed at in my life in regards to sleep.


Cleanliness- The people who cleaned the room were super friendly and did a great job. The people who worked at the poolside restaurant often left things like straw wrappers, beer bottle caps or dirty utensils on the tables. It happened a few times where we had to ask them to finish cleaning the table after they took everything else. Before you think that I’m being over judgmental let me just say that they had already brought out our drinks and then they finished cleaning the things that were left over from the people who had eaten at the table before us.

Food- Well, it’s a Hilton so I wasn’t expecting five star dining. The food at the poolside restaurant was good for what it was. They offer burgers, salads, fish sandwiches and pizza- the basic bar food.

The lunch in the main restaurant however was a better choice for the money. They offer a buffet and the salad bar is great. The fish and chips sandwich on the menu is also pretty good. If you’re looking for great food though there are lots of restaurants within a twenty minute cab drive. Barbados has some great eats.

Staff- The staff at the Hilton Hotel in Barbados was friendly and helpful as a whole but then again I found that the people of Barbados tend to be that way in general. Everyone on staff always had a smile on their face, always said hello and always asked about your stay. They were quick to answer questions and offer a hand. The staff really made the stay a joy.


Beach- There are tons of beaches all over Barbados so if your hotel is not on the beach don’t worry because there’s a good chance that there’s one right next to you. The Hilton Hotel is directly on the beach and they offer plenty of seats. Although they don’t comb the sand every day, it is very clean and that’s the main thing about hotel beaches for me.

If you don’t want to be in the sun but want a ocean view, they do offer umbrellas that you can put over your chair. They also have cabanas with chairs and hammocks that are fun to hang out in and catch up on some reading.

Kids Club- My kid made a few friends at the pool so  she spent most of her time with me or the other kids. She did go to the kids club for one afternoon though and she really liked it. The schedule changed every day and on the day that she went they decorated cookies, made jewelry, ate fresh fruit and played games. My kid was bummed out that we had to leave the following day because they were planning on decorating t-shirts that day. Kids club was definitely one of the things that we wish we took more advantage of while we stayed at the hotel.

The Hilton in Barbados is not one of the best hotels that I’ve stayed at however, I they do provide decent service for the price that you pay. I love how friendly the staff is, how close it is to the sights and restaurants, the beach and the kids club. However, I would not stay here again because the beds were so bad. I need my sleep so bad beds is a deal breaker for me.

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