Serendipity NYC Review

28 Feb

Serendipity is one of those places that I’ve been meaning to go to for years. I first heard about it when I saw the movie ‘One Fine Day’, featuring George Clooney and Michelle Pfeifer. Then I saw it in the movie ‘Serendipity’ with John Cusak. After that, I found out that it’s one of those dessert places that you absolutely have to go to when you’re in New York City.

It only took about fifteen years and a promise to my daughter to get me there. My daughter was off from school on Election Day so I promised her a mother daughter day. We started our day off at Alice’s Tea Cup and then went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After that my daughter was so exhausted that she didn’t want to do anything. I promised her the ultimate fun day though so we went to Serendipity anyway and once we got there it was like we both got a second wind.


Serendipity Restaurant In NYC Review

I love the way they decorated the place. When you first walk in there are little trinkets for sale so if there’s a wait you have something to keep you occupied. On the day that we went however, we got seated immediately so there was no wait. The main room was decorated in a way that made me feel like I was in a giant disco ball. There was color everywhere.


I ordered a burger for dinner and my daughter got the salmon. Both were pretty good. My burger wasn’t the best that I ever had but it was good and I love that it came with sauteed onions. The salmon was a much healthier option and the veggies must have been awesome because my daughter ate all of them. If fish and meat aren’t your thing then you can get a crepe, chicken or omelette. There’s lots to choose from if you’re hungry.

Although it was dinnertime and we had to eat dinner before we had dessert it didn’t leave much room for the famous Serendipity desserts. I wanted to get the frozen hot chocolate but my kid had her heart set on the banana split so that’s what we got. The banana split was huge! It included two bananas, three scoops of ice cream in three different flavors, whipped cream, hot fudge and cherries. Normally we may have been able to eat most or all of it but after eating a full dinner we didn’t cause too much damage. I think we actually only ate a total of half a scoop.


As far as pricing goes, you get a lot for what you pay. No tiny portions for astronomical prices here. Well, there is one exception which is their Golden Opulence Sunday which sells for $1,000.00. That’s a bit rich for me but if you ever get a chance to try it be sure to drop me a line and tell me how it was and make sure to send a picture.

There were a few waiters at the restaurant. The one who was waiting on me kept disappearing and didn’t seem to have much patience for questions (such as what is in the Golden Opulence Sunday?) so that was a total letdown. I did pay attention to the other servers though and they were friendly and doing a great job.

I will definitely go back to Serendipity one day soon. I’m thinking that we can skip eating and go straight for the dessert next time.

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