Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter 1 Review

15 Nov

My daughter went to Alice’s Tea Cup in New York City for a birthday party. When she got home she was hyped up about how much she loved the experience and how much she now loves scones. Since she was off from school on election day I decided to take off from work and share the experience with her since it had made her so happy. As it turns out she had gone to location 3 which is very different from location 1 (or so I’m told) which is the one that we went to on our mother daughter hang out day. If I had known that I would have gone to the other one.


Alice’s Tea Cup Review


  • Like I said, we went to Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter 1 which is located at 102 West 73rd Street (off of Columbus Avenue). I spoke to a few people who had been to the other branches and they said that their kids love it so I figured that it must be great. Since the concept of this place is based on Alice In Wonderland I expected the cafe to be decorative, maybe have some playful music and an all around fun experience. I’m sad to say that I won’t be visiting this location again and my nine year old daughter agrees with me. Let’s look at all of the reasons why it was such a letdown:
  • When we first walked in to the cafe, there was a little bakery to the right and a few fun items (non-Alice related) that you can purchase. The setup looked pretty interesting but it acts as a waiting place for you to hang out in while waiting for 20 minutes to get seated. This would be a great idea if there was actually a necessity to wait. I took a look in the back and there were lots of empty tables so my guess is that they want it to look like it’s super busy on a Tuesday afternoon. I noticed that all of the parents were asking their kids if they wanted to leave but the kids were so excited that they would say that they wanted to wait and go look at the stuff that was for sale.


  • As I said earlier, you would think that the decor would be interesting but there was very little artwork, basic wood tables and chairs and nothing at all to make the experience exciting. Actually the most exciting thing about it is that they serve tea in mismatched tea sets. They may as well have left the name Alice out of it and called it by any other name.
  • Another reason that Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter 1 was a disappointment to me is that the service was really bad. The waitress showed up once to get our order and then again to give us the check.
  • I don’t mind paying $68 for lunch but only if it’s worth it. I got a grilled veggie sandwich that was actually pretty good with an Earl Grey tea ($8). My daughter got one of their kids specials which was served on a three tier tray. She got a scone, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a chocolate mousse and tea ($30). She only ate the scone because she hated the peanut butter and when I took a bite of it I agreed with her. The scones was delicious though and I did notice that a few people who stopped by the bakery all purchased scones so I guess that’s the featured food here.

I realize that Alice’s Tea Cup  is one of the places that parents are told that they have to take their kids but I really think that it’s overrated. Neither my daughter nor I plan on visiting again.

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