Why You Should Eat at the Rumba Restaurant in the Hampton Bays

20 Jul

One of my favorite things to do in the Hamptons is eat. Between the sweet corn at the farm stands, the hole in the wall taco stand in the middle of nowhere and the upscale restaurants in every town there’s something new to try every time. The one part of the Hamptons that I hadn’t explored until recently is the Hampton Bays. I had never heard of it until a friend mentioned it to me and then the hubby and I decided to go exploring. Although we were planning on going to a winery, we decided to go get a bite to eat first and even though the navigation system kept trying to get us back on track we lost our way and ended up at Rumba restaurant.

What initially caught my attention about Rumba is the colorful bus parked out front with the restaurant’s name on it. Then we noticed how busy it is, tons of people going in and out and everyone looked happy. The way I see it is if a restaurant is this busy then the food must be fresh so we went on in and put our names on the ten minute waiting list.

rumba restaurant in the hampton bays

Rumba Restaurant In The Hampton Bays Review

I’ve decided to list out why I loved eating here so much. I’ll keep it short and to the point so that you can plan your visit there.

1- If you love an ocean view then Rumba is a great place to eat. Granted that you have to overlook a parking lot to get to the ocean but it’s a beautiful view and what’s more relaxing than looking at the water while you eat?

rumba restaurant hampton bays review

2. The food is great. We got a salad, fish tacos and avocados and ate every bite. If I wasn’t so full by the end of the meal I would have gone for one of those delicious looking burgers that they were eating at the next table.

3. The personality of the staff reflects the personality of the restaurant and I noticed that every server was smiling, helpful and genuinely nice. My server was absolutely amazing and had me laughing every time she walked away from the table. She made the experience even better for me.

4. They have artwork featured everywhere. Everything that you see is inspired by humor, nature and color. There’s a lot to look at and discuss.

rumba hampton bays

5. If you don’t feel like eating, then there’s a good sized bar inside the restaurant where you can order drinks. It’s a pretty laid back atmosphere and there were people hanging out with friends there before I was seated who were still there when I left.

6. I can’t tell you enough how much I love the easy, laid back ambiance of Rumba. The only thing that makes it better is that there is humor everywhere you look. They really try to make you feel welcome and happy while you’re there.

rumba hamptons bay review

I loved eating at Rumba and will go there again. if you’re in the neighborhood I recommend going there. Good food, good atmosphere and good people. What else can you ask for in a restaurant?


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