Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Review And Swatches

4 Jul

You know how sometimes you see something and you absolutely must have it?

That’s how it was with me when I saw a stewardess on a plane wearing a really pretty red lipstick.

I actually got out of my seat and went over to her to ask about her lipstick and I’ll tell you I think that she was as excited about telling me about it as I was hearing about it.

As it turns out she was wearing a Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip.

Now I’ll tell you, I never heard of this brand before but I started paying attention real fast.

Within 10 minutes of my arrival home, I got behind the computer and started browsing the site.

While the more creative colors such as the blues and teals weren’t for me. The nudes, reds and pinks were calling my name. I purchased three colors to share with you.

beauty bakerie lip whip review

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Reviews And Swatches

The Beauty Baerie Lip Whips are sold in clear tubes and have turquoise tops.

I’m not loving the packaging because it doesn’t have that luxurious feeling that I’ve grown to love in my lip products.

However, it does make my Lip Whip easy to find in a sea of lip products.


The colors that I purchased are Versailles, Cranberry Stiletto and Mon Cheri.

  • Versaille is the easiest color of the three to wear because it’s the perfect nude. It’s one of those colors that looks good on everyone regardless of their skin tone.
  • Cranberry Stiletto is a beautiful merlot red which has great depth. It’s the color that I get the most compliments on of the three.
  • Mon Cheri is probably the hardest color to wear because it’s a beautiful bright red that will look different on various skin tones but let me tell you, it’s gorgeous so it’s worth a try.


The Lip Whips are a bit tricky to apply. Although they glide on like any other gloss, they bleed like crazy.

My first few attempts with the red shades were a complete disaster. I looked like a two year old who got into her mommy’s makeup.

The Versaille had a little bit of bleeding but the reds oh the reds. I like to line my lips a little bit thicker than usual so that I control the bleeding.

As far as color goes, they’re all highly pigmented. The swatches that you see above are only one swipe of each gloss so you can see that you don’t have to use a lot of product to get good color.

The Lip Whip goes on wet and takes about five minutes to dry. During the drying period it feels slightly tacky but once it’s done drying I didn’t feel like there was anything at all on my lips. It literally feels like air.

Now let me tell you why the beauty Bakerie Lip Whips are worth the effort. These puppies last through everything!!

I kissed the hubby and it stayed. I took my hand a whipped my hand across my lips and it stayed put. I ate twice, had three cups of coffee and about eight glasses of water and it stayed. Not only did the Lip Whip stay on but it lasted all day without needing a touch up, drying my lips out or feathering. I even went to bed with it and it stayed on all night.

The Lip Whips have the best staying power that I’ve ever experienced.


Removing the Lip Whip without trying to rip your lips off requires an additional purchase of their Lip Whip Remover. Before you go thinking that you’ll use baby wipes or makeup remover, forget it. I tried everything and all I did was get a bit off and hurt my lips. The Lip Whip Remover and thin little pads that gently remove the Lip Whips in seconds and leave your skin feeling super soft and hydrated.

I had to wonder what they put in the Lip Whip Remover so of course I looked up the ingredients which are;

‘Mineral Oil, Cyclomethicone, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Squalane, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate.’

There are 50 pads in the jar so depending on how much Lip Whip you go through you may want to keep an extra jar around. I’ve been going through mine like crazy so I have to put in another order myself.

The Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips are$20 each which is a steal when you consider their lasting power and how much you save on reapplication. They’re cruelty free and vegan which I like and their color assortment is great. I like the ones that I got and see myself buying more. If you’re in the market for long lasting lipsticks I do recomment them.

Lip Whip Remover $14 for 50 wipes. Since they make it so easy to remove the Whips I highly recommend purchasing them. I would have been sorry and stressed out if I didn’t.

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4 Responses to “Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Review And Swatches”

  1. MarciaF July 5, 2016 at 12:42 am #

    I can see why a stewardess would want to wear these since they sound so long lasting.
    MarciaF recently posted..KBShimmer dazzles me with Gull, Get RealMy Profile

  2. Cindy (Prime Beauty) July 5, 2016 at 2:39 am #

    If they bleed they’re not for me. I have lip lines so I have to be careful not to empahasize them.

  3. Phyrra July 5, 2016 at 6:23 am #

    I want to try one of their liquid lipsticks!
    Phyrra recently posted..Best Vegan Makeup PalettesMy Profile

  4. CosmetopiaDigest July 5, 2016 at 6:26 am #

    Beautiful swatches, especially Versailles. I love long-lasting liquid lippies – anything to save the hassle of reapplication in the middle of work.
    CosmetopiaDigest recently posted..Best Beauty Boxes for Summer 2016My Profile