Wedding Day Hair Tips

9 Feb

Asides from your engagement ring your hair is possibly your greatest accessory on your wedding day. It really ties up your whole look and adds the elegance and romance that you crave for your special day. Now I know that you’re probably going through tons of Pintrest images, blogs and magazines to get inspiration for your bridal do, but before you settle on a style I just want to share a few wedding day hair tips with you that I hope you find to be helpful.


Wedding Day Hair Tips

Don’t Use Conditioner

If you have very soft hair then there’s a pretty good chance that your hair won’t hold its shape for too long- even with a ton of spray. As horrid as it may sound, skipping the conditioning treatment for an entire month will help to dry out your hair enough that your locks will stay in whatever style it’s put in on the big day.

No Drastic Changes

Although you may be inspired to do something a little different the time right before your wedding day is not the time to try something new. Just imagine the water works that would begin if you don’t like your new look. Instead, continue going to to your usual hair dresser to touch up your color and get a trim but save the new do for after the wedding.

Take Lot Of Pictures

You wouldn’t hire a makeup artist without setting up a trial first, would you? It’s the same thing with your hair. One of the most important wedding day hair tips that I can give you is to make sure that you go in for at least one trial with someone who has been recommended by at least one friend. Once you achieve a style that you love then take pictures from every angle so that you can achieve the same look on your wedding day.

Match Your Hair To Your Dress

You want to create an overall feel so consider the style dress when deciding on your hair style. There are tons of styles that are romantic, whimsical, edgy, modern or even a combination of them.

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In all of the hustle and bustle it may be hard but make sure to enjoy this time. Have fun researching your hairdo and I hope that these wedding day hair tips will be helpful to you.

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