Let’s Talk About Shoes

11 Jul


Once in a while, every single Los Angeles commercial photographer has to take pictures of sexy shoes. Sometimes, it even seems that the shoes are way more important than the clothes. We all know the saying “If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything”. It feels like you’re Carrie Bradshaw or Imelda Marcos, because there is no such thing as nough shoes.

The morning, the evening, the romantic date and the business meeting, are those tiny moments that are making you think about shoes decisions. Every day, you have to pass through the ritual of choosing the right pair of high heels and some flat sandals. If someone says that all you need for summer is a pair of high heels and some flat sandals, don’t believe them. You need more, simply because we all do. But if your pockets are not that full or your imagination is not that rich, you can get away with just a few pairs of lovely shoes. Choose them wisely, think about the colors that are dominating your wardrobe and think about what makes you feel good.

Today’s fashion is making it all easy for us. It’s all about fancy sneakers, comfortable large dresses and minimalist stuff, that’s amazing. Fashion made it really easy to choose and to love. When you love the simple things, everything is possible. Especially, it’s possible to look fancy with a look under $100. The same goes for the shoes. You don’t need complicated designs with decorations for keeping up with the trends. The black high heels are just like the little black dress, always needed and always fashionable. So whenever you feel like there is no room for many colored pairs of shoes, choose a few that are totally into everything that may happen in your life. If you’re wise enough you can pull off the same pair of sandals on a job interview and a rooftop party.

Shoes are happiness and the sparkle in your eyes when you see them is an absolutely normal phenomenon. Because, the shoes can make your life better, by making you look and feel better. Being a woman is simply easier, when you have the right pair of shoes on.

This post was written by Catherine.

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