New 2014 Mini hatchback now available

5 Jun


The Mini is one of the most iconic small cars that there has ever been. Its appearance in the finale of the classic heist movie The Italian Job has cemented the car in all of our heads, and when we think of small cars, it is the Mini that time and time again we return to.

No wonder that people are excited about the brand new Mini Cooper which launched in March 2014.

There are a number of changes to the Mini Cooper model that we all know, including brand new rear lights on the car, as well as a turbocharged, three cylinder, 1.5 litre petrol engine which has been acclaimed as being very responsive in reviews. The new car, despite having a ton of new features and devices is actually a grand total of 10kg lighter than the previous model, giving it a much more lightweight feel.

It isn’t only beneath the hood where major changes have been made, the interior of the car has had an enormous overhaul, both in terms of design (gone is that central speedometer) and in terms of technology. This includes color coded LED’s to help you find your way around the dashboard, an 8.8 inch screen option which can connect up to sat-nav facilities and a beautiful centrally mounted dial which can control most of the features of the car.

There are also several handy safety features including self-dipping headlights and an early warning braking system which can help prevent collisions.


Despite a similar appearance to previous models of the Mini, many of which are expected to go for lower prices now on used car sites such as Car Shop, the new Mini Cooper has been redeveloped completely from the ground upwards. Along with a range of different engines to choose from, buyers can also select from either a manual or automatic six speed gearbox, allowing for full customization of the car before you buy it. That means that if you want to, you can go ahead and get yourself a union jack on the roof, for those who want to get the full Italian Job experience with their new car.

Prices start at just under £14,000 and go up to just under £19,000 for the basic version of the top tier vehicle.

This post was written by Jonathan.

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