Step Inside: Organizing the Perfect Girls’ Night In

2 May

Getting together with your friends (women only) for a night of pampering, entertainment and of course conversation is one of the best ways to relax and have fun. Hosting a girls’ night in shouldn’t be too expensive or taxing (you’re all there for a good time, right, girls!) but there are a few essentials to remember to ensure a successful night.


Buying in the basics

Food and drink are the foundations of any night in with friends and the host is usually expected to have a plentiful supply of both to greet their guests with. However, the unspoken rule is that most guests should bring their own bottle of the good stuff or some party food. It’s up to the host whether they want to put on a full spread or just lay out a mini-buffet where guests can help themselves. You can get the conversation (and the alcohol!) flowing with some cocktails, so buy a mixer and the ingredients needed for a few classics such as Dirty Martini or a Margarita.


Films are a must

When a breather from all the talk of boyfriends, shoes, shopping and other topics that we girls love, you can’t beat sticking on a chick flick. If you really want to make your girls night in a success and ramp up the entertainment, a Blu-ray player and a HD TV are essential. If you’ve not yet bought these items you’ll probably be surprised at how much the prices have plummeted recently. Remember to buy a few Blu-ray DVDs and take a poll of the films your friends would most like to watch in order to avoid any arguing.


Keep it casual

A girls’ night in is all about relaxation and this is an excuse to keep it ultra-casual by breaking out the pajamas and onesies. Pampering is usually part of the evening’s entertainment and with pajamas you can indulge in the mud masks and facial treatments without worrying about spillages onto designer tops. Remind your friends beforehand that this is the dress code for the evening and tell them to bring their slippers and housecoats as well. If you want to make it even more relaxed you can always impose the ‘no photographs’ rule to ensure embarrassing photos don’t end up on social networking sites.


Points to remember

If you’re a little worried about expense then instead of arranging food prior to the party you can always send out for takeaway food during the evening. This means all guests can chip in and order exactly what they’d like to eat. When it comes to drinks, not everyone will want alcohol, so remember to stock up on some soft drinks. Always remember the ice cream and popcorn for the film segment of the evening. Music will no doubt make an appearance during the evening, so make sure your iPod is well stocked with a range of music.

You may want to inform the neighbors that you’re having a small get together, especially if you’re going to break out the karaoke machine. In the end, the classic combination of cocktails, pajamas, films, music and food should ensure a killer night in.


Written by Laura Gavin

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