Absolute New York Beauty Mark Review

14 Apr


When I was 18 years old I told my father that I want to get a tattoo. He pretty much bribed me to not get one and fast forward a few years I’m so happy that I listened because that grapevine I wanted has absolutely no meaning to me now. However, I still love looking at tattoos and every now and then still crave one but don’t want to commit to one that is permanent. I recently went to a beauty event where I was given a stamp from a new company called Absolute New York Beauty Mark.

Absolute New York Beauty Mark Review

The stamp that I got is in the shape of a star and the ink is black. While I wish that I could say that the stamp delivers a clear picture each and every time I’ve used it I can’t. The ink is dark enough- it’s a matte black that fades to purple before it vanishes in a few days. The problem is the image of the star itself.

The star is actually in the middle of a thin circle. Sometimes the circle shows up and other times it doesn’t so if you’re going for a pattern forget it. In addition to this there’s a problem with bleeding ink. If I’m going to stamp something on my skin I want it to look clean and sharp. There were a few instances where I used the stamp and got a blurred picture.

I would not purchase this stamp in the future and have given this one to my daughter to play with which turns out to be for the best. She actually loves the Absolute New York Beauty Mark stamp so maybe it would be a good party favor. As for use by an adult, I give it a thumbs down and recommend temporary tattoos instead.

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