Italian Brand BluEder SuperCrema Skincare Review

2 Oct

BluEder is an Italian skincare company that contacted me a short time ago and asked me to review their SuperCrema body balm which in Italian is called Unguento Bionaturale Per Viso E Corpse. A few reasons that I wanted to fall in love with the SuperCrema is this amazing list that they posted on their site:

- “100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive  Oil
- Beeswax and Sweet Almond Oil
- Natural Anti-Aging Properties
- 100% All Natural Ingredients
- Natural Antioxidants
- Potent Anti-Aging Skin Care Formula
- Helps Fight Wrinkles
- Nourishes, soothes and repairs skin
- Paraben Free & Gluten Free
- Free of SLES Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate
- Free of SLS Sodium Laureth Sulfate
- No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Test
- No Harsh man-made chemicals
- No Perfumes, no dyes, or color additives
- Dermatologically Tested Ingredients
- Gentle & Potent; Pure & Natural
- Natural cream color from olive oil beeswax
- Eco-Friendly
- Made in Italy”

Company Description- ‘SuperCrema focuses on the amazing benefits of its 100% all natural ingredients: Italian organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, and Sweet Almond Oil  - rich in antioxidants vitamins A, B, K and E and in anti-aging properties. SuperCrema is formulated with the highest grade and purest Italian organic extra virgin olive oil that is up to 85% of the entire formula, which results in a super creamy balm that deeply moisturizes, nurtures and intensively hydrates the skin. It is indicated for all skin types, and especially suitable for very dry, sensitive and mature skins; and gentle for baby skin too’!

If you’re a regular Spontaneous Chick reader then you know that I’m moving more and more towards natural products because I love the results that I get from them and because I’m a strong believer in putting as few chemicals in my body as possible. Therefore, the BluEder SuperCrema sounds like a balm that I would normally stock up in just to be sure that I don’t run out (yes, I can be a skincare hoarder at times). Unfortunately I found that this isn’t the case.

The SuperCrema looks and feels like a very thick, very rich ointment. A small amount is all you really need and it’s very easy to rub all over the skin. Once on, it has a faint olive oil fragrance that doesn’t last very long. It also feels like a weak form of Aquaphor because it’s somewhat shiny and sticky. The look and feel last for a long while (maybe 20 minutes)so if you’re about to start doing a task expect to leave greasy prints on everything that you come into contact with for about fifteen minutes. All of this is ok to a point with me. What I really have a problem with is that once my skin has really soaked it up, it originally feels smooth but after a about an hour it slowly starts to feel severely dry which is the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do. At first I thought that maybe the change of season was affecting my skin so I switched to my usual moisturizer and my skin went right back to being normal. Once I started reusing the BluEder SuperCrema again, I dried out again and the more I used it the worse it got.

Sadly, with all of its glorious attributes I’m not a SuperCrema fan and won’t be adding it to my must have list of skincare. If you would like to learn more about it however, you can head on to their site SuperCrema Skincare.

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2 Responses to “Italian Brand BluEder SuperCrema Skincare Review”

  1. Emma Brown October 5, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    It moisturizes deeply and makes the skin more resistant and elastic, while protecting it from harmful environmental factors.It contains all the vitamins necessary for healthy skin.
    Emma Brown recently posted..Self Care, Is Best Care During Holiday SeasonMy Profile

    • Aleya October 9, 2013 at 7:18 pm #

      It does contain great ingredients but my hands dried out afterwards.