Yoyo Lip Gloss Review

23 Sep

Normally I tend to review products made for my age group. However my daughter was standing right next to me as I came up an email from Yoyo and I found myself agreeing to review one of their glosses.

Company Description- ‘Yoyo lip gloss strives to create the best beauty products for you to enjoy! We use high grade supplies and ingredients to manufacture quality products for high end customers’.

A couple of the things that the company pushes about this product is that it’s a clip on and that it blings. I found that they actually integrated this idea into the tube by putting rhinestones around the clip. In my case since my name starts with an A so they decorated the clip with blue rhinestones that made up the A and surrounded it with white and pink stones. Very cute.

The clip itself is made from a clear plastic and is very easy to open and close so that you don’t have to fuss with it. What I like the most about it though is that they added a black foam tape inside the clip so that it doesn’t leave teeth marks on your clothes. The clip has enough power to hold on to your garment but if it gets pulled it will come off easily without the threat of ripping any fabric.

The Yoyo lip gloss flavor that I got to try is Bubble Gum. If this flavor doesn’t take you back to your tweens then I don’t know what will! It really does taste like bubble gum and although it’s sweet it’s not insanely sugary sweet. The gloss doesn’t contain any pigment so if you’re not ok with your daughter wearing gloss just yet this is a nice first step. Another aspect that I found to be surprising is that it’s pretty moisturizing. While it wiped off easily, the softening effects lasted a good half an hour to an hour which makes it a good lip product for the winter.

The Yoyo gloss is a young, fun beauty product that I think we’ll be seeing around. It makes a cute goodie bag gift as well as an inexpensive great job reward. Well, my daughter took my Yoyo lip gloss (rightfully so) but you can pick one up at Yoyolipgloss.com

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2 Responses to “Yoyo Lip Gloss Review”

  1. Dona @ Bulk Rhinestones October 1, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    Very cute. Imagine does lip gloss also have their beautiful chain. Great products!

    • Aleya October 3, 2013 at 12:26 am #

      The stones really did make the packaging very cute. I love that they made it personal for me.