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Not too long ago I shared an it Cosmetics review of some of my favorite products. I’ve recently been sent a few of their new items to try out and wanted to share them with you.

No. 50 Serum Collagen Veil Anti-Aging Primer

Company Description- ‘Best described as ‘Baby Skin In A Bottle, No. 50 is clinically proven to increase skin brightness, improve skin texture, reduce wrinkle depth and increase skin hydration. It has more than 50 key ingredients which include 10 essential lipid rich oils and butter, 10 key vitamins and anti-oxidants, 5 anti-aging peptides and proteins and more than 40 nourishing botanicals and extracts’.

The directions say that you should apply the No. 50 Serum after your moisturizer or that you can use it as a moisturizer all by itself so I went ahead and used it as my daily moisturizer. The serum has a sweet grapefruit fragrance that lasts for about 30 seconds and it absorbs into the skin quickly so that if you decide to apply makeup over it there is no waiting time.

After using it for a few weeks I found that my skin looked healthier and more vibrant. Since I don’t wear foundation I use it as a serum and see that it does provide all of the wonderful results that is promised. I have a few laugh lines and they are somewhat fainter. What I’m in love with however, is how my skin seems to glow since I’ve started using it.

The company provided me with a list of all of their ingredients which are all very impressive but I’m only going to share a few of the ones that really stand out to me with you.

Anti-aging peptides and proteins- hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed silk

Vitamins and anti-oxidants- Folic acid, Citric acid, Riboflavin, Retinyl and Biotin

Extracts and botanicals- cucumber fruit extract, green tea leaf extract, caviar extract, aloe extract, turmeric root extract, coffee seed extract, lemon balm extract, hibiscus flower, tree sap, soy extract and passion flower extract.

The No. 50 Serum costs $48.00

Tightline Full Lash Length Black Primer

Company Description- ‘Tightline utilizes an ultra-skinny wand allowing you to start coating your lasher at their actual roots you coat black back along your entire lash length. This gives you ultimate length and volume’.

Some of the active ingredients include peptides, collagen, proteins, biotin, nettle extract, green tea, jojoba and vitamins. Since it’s paraben-free, fragrance free, phthalate-free and sulfate free amongst other things, it can be used by most people who have sensitive eyes.

Tightline makes the lashes look very long and as promised makes it look like you’ve applied some eyeliner right along with it. One coat didn’t do all that much for me as far as liner goes, but it did make my lashes longer. Two coats gave me a liner effect that almost looked natural. Three is the magic number that made it look the way the description made me envision it would.

If you’re looking for a lengthening mascara Tightline works great, but If you’re like me and have super thin lashes that need all the plumping they can get then it may not be right for you. I find that I like how it gives me the liner effect when I mix it with one of my favorite thickening mascaras because then I get everything that I want fast.











The Tightline mascara sells for $24.00

Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss

Company Description- ‘This ultra-hydrating, silky gloss is infused with ski- loving oils and butters that leave the lips perfectly poutable without any of the stickiness or thickness of traditional lip glosses. It treats, hydrates, conditions and nourishes your lips, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles’.

I got to try out two different colors- News Anchor Blue and Ruby Slippers. Both glosses were super hydrating and apply smoothly and evenly. I was really excited to try out the News Anchor Blue because I was feeling somewhat playful when I saw it and thought that it would be blue. Once applied, it was actually a clear color that really made my lips shine. No blue at all but a great gloss to add dazzle to your lipstick.

Ruby Slippers on the other hand, is a very pretty berry color. My only warning is that you should be sure to apply lip liner with this color because it will bleed- but then again so does every other red color so there’s nothing new there.

Some people may think that ingredients aren’t important as far as glosses are concerned because they instantly wipe off. I totally disagree with them because I feel that if I’m going to put something on my skin I would prefer it to have better quality ingredients rather than chemicals and fillers that can be damaging to your skin and health in the long run. One of the reasons that I love the glosses by It Cosmetics is because they use ingredients such as Vitamins A, C and E, Acai, green tea and white tea to moisturize your lips and fight free radicals.

The Vitality Lip Flush Biutter Gloss sells for $24.00 and is available in 7 different shades.

I’m a fan of it Cosmetics and think that they’re worth a try.

Learn more about it Cosmetics on their site it cosmetics

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