Vault Lip Gloss Review

21 Aug

I’m all for beauty products that contain jojoba oil because it’s a super hydrating ingredient. This is especially true in the cold winter months when my skin turns to sand paper ad even during the summer when I need a little bit of help.Lucky for me more and more companies are using jojoba in their skincare and makeup. My newest find is a nourishing lip gloss from Vault.

Company Description: The bond Girl applicator will give you the look of a spy out to save the world.And for those voluptuous soft pouting lips, we formulated our gloss with jojoba oi and vitamin E. All so yo can save the word with one hand while applying gloss with the other.

The gloss comes in the most innovative tube that I’ve ever seen, It has a leek design and you have to open it not by removing a cap but by clicking and sliding. It initially tok some figuring out on my part but once I got it, it was like a new toy for me to play with.

As promised, the Vault lip gloss delivers a lot of moisture so that from the moment you put it on your lips feel satiny ¬†smooth and hydrated, It also provides color that captures the light in such a way that there is a strip of white going across your lip. The color that I received is called Starlet and is a pretty shade of baby pink. Unfortunately it’s not a pink that looks good on me but if you have a lighter skin tone or blond hair then it’s definitely one that you should look into.

Vault lip glosses are cruelty free (let’s hear it for the bunnies) and is made with some natural ingredients including jojoba oil and vitamins C and E.

Vault glosses are available in 16 different colors for the price of $16.00. You can pick one up at

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2 Responses to “Vault Lip Gloss Review”

  1. Erica August 30, 2013 at 2:46 am #

    Hi Aleya,

    Love your site.

    The thing I have about lipgloss is that my boyfriend says it’s too sticky when he kisses me, and it leaves a weird taste and a mark on his lips!!! HA

    I havn’t used lip gloss since…

    Do you think lip gloss has improved in terms of that?



    • Aleya September 3, 2013 at 6:07 pm #

      I find that kissing isn’t the best thing to do when wearing gloss because they’re all somewhat sticky and likely to transfer color. Have you tried Anastasia glosses?