Business Fashion: how to show you are ready for your promotion

16 Jul

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When you’re trying to land that big promotion, you can bet that your boss pays attention to how you look. You can prepare for that promotion today by following a few simple tips. Do that, and you’ll be in line for that job upgrade in no time at all.


Back to Basics

A fashionable dark dress, black pump or dark blazer and black skirt project a button-down and ready-to-work style that bosses appreciate. It’s simple and basic, and this wardrobe saves you time from fussing over what to wear.


Be Stylish

You want to project a working style, but you also need to stand out from your co-workers. A bit of stylish splash here and there will add the exclamation point you need to stand out. Wearing stylish custom ties will make a man stand out just enough to be noticed. For a woman, a statement necklace will go a long way toward winning that promotion.


Avoid Fashion Trends

Flashy cocktail rings and jeggings are great for a Friday night on the town, but party wear is a no-no at work. Men should wear black laced shoes and stay away from loafers and trendy running shoes, unless you own the company.



No Jangling Jewelry

A poll shows executives don’t care for noisy jewelry. If you jingle and jangle while you walk, find something a tad more quiet. Men should avoid bling jewelry that burns the eyeballs in the sunlight. A subdued but classy watch is always acceptable as jewelry. The boss will notice that. A simple gold ring with a single stone, reflecting your school or military service, is always a signature touch that a boss will appreciate.


Psychological Dress

Dress as if you’re already at the top. It doesn’t matter whether you work in a warehouse or deliver in-house company mail, always dress as if you’re an executive. That means a clean and pressed shirt or blouse, clean slacks with a sharp crease and neatly trimmed hair. Both men and women can benefit from a visit to a professional tailor and hair stylist. The expert can help you get the look you need to climb the promotion ladder.


Mimic Dress

Take notice of what top executives wear at work and try to mimic that dress. Is it three-button suits or stylish and casual trousers and shirts? Most likely you can’t afford to buy what an executive wears, but you can find inexpensive clothing that comes close.

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