Five Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Home

9 Jul

Not every homeowner wants to sell their home. They might simply want the house to live up to its potential. There are many things homeowners can do to make the most of their houses that don’t break the bank and are in good enough taste that the house will sell on down the line. The basics of painting the house, sprucing up the yard and installing intruder alarms are important. Inside the house, however, the most can be made using a few simple tips.


Paint It!

Paint the rooms a light bright neutral color such as soft silver gray or pink sand, for example. The usual beige or egg-shell white is getting boring for many people, but other colors can be neutral, too. Rooms on the north and south of the house will need warmer colors, such as blues and greens, to offset the perceived coolness of the location of the rooms. East and west rooms will need light colors because the light tends to shine there.



Lighting is important. Homeowners don’t have to install expensive cans, but track lighting for focusing on artwork, perhaps, or on the prep area in the kitchen will make the most of the rooms. Wall sconces add ambient light not necessarily shed by table lamps. In hallways and closets, flush ceiling lights highlight the area and are quite attractive. Ceiling fans with lights give a room better light for reading, studying or doing detailed work like sewing. A chandelier in the entranceway gives the house an elegant feel.


In a related area, apply LED lights outside the house. They can be used to light the sidewalk and steps up the porch. They can be used to guide cars into the drive. They are perfect placed on the steps of the deck and around the perimeter for night parties or just enjoying the evening. They come in peel-and-place units, so they can go anywhere the homeowner’s imagination leads him.



Organize storage areas and closets using cubbies, wire shelving and baskets, antique steamer trunks, cloth-covered toy boxes or hooks on the walls. When there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, life is a lot more organized and easier to find. It’s not expensive to find or make these things and it adds a sense of relief to life, knowing you can lay your hands on something without digging.


Fix Up Your Bathrooms

Make the bathroom into a spa using Columbus custom bathrooms items. Put potted trees along the sides of the tub and, if there is a window in the bath, replace it with etched frosted glass for an exotic bathing experience.


Add Some Shazam

Add a wow factor to the kitchen. Get a push cart and place a butcher block square atop it. You’ll have the shelves for storage and an instant island. Switch the hardware on the cabinets to crystal knobs or ceramic handles. Install a hanging fixture.


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