Bee Naturals Review

24 Jun

About two months ago, Bee Naturals offered to send me their facial cleanser to review. Unfortunately I got a late start in my review process because I had just started trying out another line of skincare and broke out for a couple of weeks. Once my skin became neutral territory again, I couldn’t wait to try out the Bee Naturals Queen Bee Liquid Honey Skin Cleanser simply because I love anything made with honey.

Ingredients: Liquid castille (saponified oils of coconut and olive, aloe vera gel and rosemary oil extract), honey, glycerin, fragrance, potassium sorbate, lavender essential oil.

Bee Naturals Review

I love the honey- lavender fragrance of the cleanser. It’s very light so that you just notice it without being overpowered by it and it’s also very soothing. The cleanser has a super liquidy consistency so it surprised me that it lathers as thickly as it does and that it’s so easy to spread over the skin. I guess I felt like it would simply rinse off of fall through my fingers. It does  rinse off nicely though and leave no residue behind.

I found that ever since I started using the Bee Naturals cleanser, my skin has become very soft. So much in fact, that it’s still smooth the next morning before I wash my face again. For a moment there I thought that it might be the new moisturizer that I’m testing so I switched creams and my skin still felt amazing so it’s definitely the Bee Naturals cleanser working it’s magic.

The people at Bee Naturals sent me the cleanser to try out but you can get yours for only $8.95 at

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2 Responses to “Bee Naturals Review”

  1. Emma Brown June 25, 2013 at 9:26 am #

    I have very sensitive skin. I truly care about the products that I use and always strive to purchase the natural ones. Plus point about the product is that it is made up of honey. Honey has been used as a beauty agent, including as a skin cleanser from many years. Moreover I love lavender products.
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    • Aleya June 26, 2013 at 1:43 am #

      I also have sensitive skin and love products that contain honey. The lavender is a bonus.