Packing Your Camping Essentials

24 May

Hikers with packs
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With the warmer weather on its way, those of us with tents might be thinking about getting them out of the loft, and those of us without tents might be thinking in investing for easy, low cost holidays in the UK.

Camping is a great way to get away on a budget when the weather is fine – once you’ve paid for the kit your holidays are cheap and cheerful forever more (or as long as the sun shines!). However, camping can be tricky to pack for, particularly for the novice. Your car is sure to be packed with all the usual paraphernalia – tents, sleeping bags, air beds etc – leaving not a great deal of room for much else. There are certain things, though, that are needed for a comfortable trip and you forget at your peril:


So simple yet often overlooked, particularly in the summer months when you might be wearing flip-flops and sandals in the daytime, socks are a camping essential. Keep feet cosy when the temperatures drop overnight, or pile on under walking boots for a good hike in the countryside (do not attempt rough ground in flip-flops!) – a good pair of men’s socks can be the difference between comfort and discomfort.

Treat yourself to a brand new pack of fresh men’s socks from George at ASDA. Soft top socks are comfier for night time, and a 4 pack is just £5, so you can have a fresh pack for each trip!

 A Pillow

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that with a sleeping bag and an airbed you’re sorted for a good nights sleep in a tent. You’re obviously used to sleeping with a pillow, and so logic suggests that you will struggle to drop off without one. Make space in the car for a pillow, even if you have to sit on it throughout the journey! While you’re in the linen cupboard, be sure to pack a fitted sheet for the airbed too. Often overlooked but will make all the difference.

 Travel Minis

Chances are, the shower block is going to be right at the other end of the campsite, and the last thing you want to be doing is lugging a big bag of shampoos, shower gels, make up etc every morning when you want to get yourself ready. Pop travel minis into a toiletry bag instead, or, to save money in the long run, invest in empty mini bottles to simply refill from your regular sized toiletries.


While you might think that the roaming hills and windswept British beaches are all that you’ll need to keep you occupied, when night falls, evenings in a tent can be quite long and boring – especially if you’re not the early to bed type.

While it might be tempting to head for the local pub, remember that camping is meant to be a budget friendly break. Much better, would be to take a good book, magazines, a puzzle book or even travel games to pass the time.


Help to keep your cheap camping trips on the cheerful side – don’t forget the above essentials!


This post was submitted by Catherine.

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