Pet Fashion Trends

10 May

In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite pet fashion trends! Yes, we know it’s silly, but we’re totally on board with dressing up our cute pooches and kittens – even if it’s more for us than for them!

Dog Featherheads

A cool, simple look that we’re big fans of is pet plumes from Fine Featherheads. I’ve seen people wearing these for a long time, but I’ve started running into pets with feathers in their hair too, and I have to say it’s a pretty cute look! You can find them in a wide variety of colors at the Fine Featherheads website, with lengths that range from 2-5 inches.

















Doggy Pantyhose

Let’s start with the most recent, and probably the most ridiculous puppy fashion trend to go viral – dogs in pantyhose :/ As weird as these are, I get a chuckle out of them, and even though the dogs look embarrassed, I’m not sure that animals that sniff each others’ butts and eat garbage are capable of embarrassment.









Dog Jewelry

More and more pet owners are spoiling their pets rotten these days, and one way that manifests is with extraordinarily opulent jewelry that your pet most likely doesn’t even care about! I’ve come across bejeweled collars, studded hair clips, and even tiaras on dogs. But by far the most extravagant item of dog jewelry I’ve ever heard of is the Amour Amour, estimated at $3.2 million and called “the Bugatti of dog collars.” This collar is made with white gold, platinum, crocodile leather, and is adorned with over 1,600 diamonds.













Our pets are our babies, and we want them to look as good as they can! Just make sure you’re not going overboard and everyone will have a blast. Dressing up our pets can be a lot of fun, just know that you’re really doing it for yourself, and not your pooch. All he or she wants is to hang out with you!

This post was submitted by Alex.

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