7 Popular Spring 2013 Decor Trends

16 Apr

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I’ve been spending a little bit of time thinking about how to redecorate my house to make it a little more comfortable, inviting and energetic.  The problem is that my husband likes the antique French look (Versaille style) and I like modern (as in black and white with touches of orange). It’s a good thing that the decor trends for this year can satisfy a little bit of both our tastes.

2013 Spring Decor Trends

Loving Nature

canopy bed
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Green is one of the more popular colors as far as decor trends for spring goes. Whether it’s because you want to get in touch with nature, you want to support the go green movement or because you like the soothing effects of the color be sure to incorporate some green into your home. A light green will really brighten up a room while giving the ambiance a more relaxed feel. A bright, leafy green will catch the eye and give a more energetic  feel to the room. It’s encouraged to incorporate green into your accessories and furnishings. Do I even have to mention the plants?


Graphic Wallpaper

Image: http://www.countryhomefurnishing.co.uk/













Remember all of those old Hollywood movies that showed beautiful, rich wallpaper in every room of the house? Some with graphic designs and others with softer lines. I’m so happy that this style is back with full force. You’ll be amazed at how many styles you can choose from so be prepared to fall in love with more than one style. Oh- and don’t be afraid to go bold by incorporating some of the other trends into your wallpaper style.


Kitchen Seating










If you have an island in your kitchen, it would be an idea to pick up some bar stools to keep it company. If you’re not someone who likes to eat your meals in the kitchen then consider that it’s a place for your friend to sit while he/ she watches you make dinner.


Neutrals With Pop

cozy modern livingroom
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This trend is a good compromise for those of you who have the same issue that my hubby and I have because it gives you the simplicity and sophistication of neutral colors while giving you the edginess of a bright color. To achieve this look, decorate the entire room in one to three neutral colors and add one bright color that totally stands out from the rest. For example, you can get a camel couch with wooden tables and add turquoise throw pillows.

Bold Patterns

Zebra Rug
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Patterns are everywhere. Tiles, carpets, wallpapers, bedding , lamps and so on. If you want to use a bold pattern on your walls but don’t want to go overboard, you might consider using the pattern on just one wall. Animal print rugs are also very inviting while florals are always desirable during the spring time. Some of the more popular ones are zebra, square prints, stripes and honeycomb. You will also find lots of florals and geometric prints.


Black And White

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One of my favorite decor trends for 2013 is created by mixing the sophistication of black with the stark look of white. When done properly a black and white room can be sensual as well as modern. While I love a room that is entirely black and white, you can also use this trend in small amounts. For example, you can implement some monochrome bed linen in the bedroom.




Or you can call it recycled if you prefer. This trend involves making old furniture looking new by repainting it, stripping it or by cleaning it. Whether it’s a sturdy wooden chair or an old armoire, you’re sure to find lots of furnishings that fall into this department at garage sales, antique stores or grandmas house.

Colors that you can use to amp up your decor include gold, green, cobalt blue, light yellow and red. All happy colors.

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