Bridesmaid Dresses – What Are My Options?

3 Apr

It goes without saying that every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect, but with such a long list of things to arrange, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Alongside the bridal gown and the groom’s choice of suit, settling on the right bridesmaid dress is one of the more important style decisions for this special day.

Here’s a look at some of the most beautiful styles of dresses that will help make your wedding day not only more simple – but also surprisingly affordable!

High street or designer?

If you’re creating a wedding on a budget then the cost of bridesmaid dresses can seem overwhelming. Designer dresses and even the more exclusive high street options can reach astronomical prices, especially when you multiply this by the number of bridesmaids you have following you down the aisle.

But don’t get roped into buying styles straight from wedding themed shops. Boutiques and retail stores have  a stunning range of occasion dresses and many of them offer options that your bridesmaids will actually be able to wear again – giving value for money.

Who is paying?

Different weddings take a different approach to this question. Some brides offer to pay for their bridesmaids’ hair and makeup while they cover the cost of the dress. Sometimes the bride covers all of the expenses and sometimes the bridesmaids choose to. Whatever option you go for, make sure you choose a style that fits with everyone’s budgets and preferences – or at least as much as possible.


There are some beautiful dress styles available for you to choose from, with cuts, colors and fabrics to suit any wedding.

·         Vintage Looks: A mix of lace and chiffon is perfect for creating a subtle vintage look. Look out for dresses with capped sleeves in lace and finish with hair softly curled and tied in a bun. Accessorize this look with pearls and lace.

·         Formal Looks: If you prefer a more formal finish, satin offers a classical look. Strapless designs with a full skirt or floor length design offer a touch of classical elegance. A ruffle detail along the bust is also good for adding a touch of volume and movement. Pair this with strappy heels and drop earrings for a touch of glamour.

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