Racinne Skincare Review And Giveaway

12 Mar

It took seven years of research and development for Racinne Skincare to become what it is today. The company is dedicated to making the user look and feel beautiful and is based on stem cell research. During the time that it took to develop a concept, Racinne’s three skincare lines were born: Ultimate Aqua Blanc, Ultimate Hydra Perfection and Ultimate Youthful Power, each of which is suitable for a different age group and skin type:

  • Ultimate Aqua Blanc line (Whitening) – not recommended for dry or sensitive skin
  • Ultimate Hydra Perfection line (Radiance) – recommended for oily or combination skin
  • Ultimate Youthful Power line (Anti-aging) – recommended for dry or aging skin

Racinne Skincare Reviews

Normally I use skincare products for about eight weeks before reviewing them. In this case, I only used them for one week because I wanted to get the giveaway running. Keep in mind that all of the products that I’m reviewing here are the very same ones that you can enter to win. Here it goes.

Aqua Blanc Concentrate $50.00
Company Description: ‘With the use of the revolutionary “callus cultivation technology”, nine different precious moisturizing extracts are combined into an ultra-fine concentrate which instantly energizes skin cells, promotes blood circulation and removes dead cells, further regenerating healthy translucent skin. Snow lotus stem cells have natural anti-oxidating and moisturizing properties that prevent pigment formation and thus have the capacity to restore youthful suppleness, revealing a healthy luminous glow’.

I love this serum! After just one wear I noticed how it made my skin glow. My face appeared to be more vibrant and healthy looking- as if I had just gotten a facial. Two or three drops is all I needed to cover my entire face. It was easy to spread the product and I noticed that it was absorbed into my skin within seconds. After using the serum for just one week, I’m a huge fan!

Aqua Blanc Boost $41.00

Company Description: ‘Combining snow lotus callus extract and cucumber essence with brightening active ingredients, the boost formula effectively breaks down pigmentation, moisturizes and strengthens skin. Additionally, this formula builds a natural defensive barrier to prevent loss of moisture and fight off age lines to bring skin back to its original supple silky smooth texture and healthy glow’.

Like the serum, the moisturizer blew me away. This winter my skin became super dry and drab looking. After one week of using the Racinne moisturizer, my skin looked and felt smooth and healthy. It no longer felt dry or itchy which is an enormously welcomed relief.  The Aua Blanc Boost also absorbed into the skin quickly and lasted throughout the entire day. At no point in time did I touch my face and think that I had to reapply or that I didn’t look good.

As mentioned before, this winter has been pretty cold so I normally prefer a thicker moisturizer. The Racinne moisturizer is on the thin side, however it does provide protection against the elements while providing the comfort of breath-ability. What I’m trying to say here is that this product can probably be used safely and comfortable all year round, making it a great buy.

Aqua Blanc Brightening Mask

Company Description: ‘Combines snow lotus callus extract with deep-sea pearl essence to produce a double action brightening formula, which rapidly penetrates skin cells, promotes skin rejuvenation, strengthens moisture level and reduces pigmentation. At the same time, it reinforces the skin’s protection and prevention against harmful UV damage and intercepts the early growth of dark spots. An all-round brightening mask that repairs and enhances silky smooth youthful brightening brilliance’.

After using the mask, my face felt really smooth. I only used it once so far, but it’s gentle and effective enough that I will definitely try it out again.


How To Win:

You must be a US resident to enter to win. Now go ahead and enter by heading to a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to learn more about these products head on over to http://racinneusa.com/ Good luck!

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