Marco Pelusi Review

1 Mar

Marco Pelusi is a hair colorist based in Hollywood, California. Besides working with celebrities, he also educates at shows in New York and Las Vegas. It’s his specialty as a colorist that inspired him to create a line of high quality hair products that protect color treated hair. His aim is to give you a high quality product that delivers soft, healthy looking hair.

Marco Pelusi Leave-In Conditioner Review

I got to try out the Marco Pelusi Leave-In Conditioner With Collagen Color Guard

Company Description- ‘This signature product is an exclusive anti-frizz formula that repairs, restores and rebuilds, leaving the hair and scalp comforted and protected. An ultra luxurious, light and airy leave-in conditioner expressly formulated to replenish the hair’s own natural reserves to boost condition, as well as haircolor longevity, vitality and tone. Tames curly, coarse hair while allowing for easy comb-thru and a smooth, healthy appearance.

  • naturally derived from coconut, cetrimonium chloride is the most potent anti-frizz element available to moisturize and neutralize static electricity; effects last for up to 72 hours even when rinsed with water
  • usp grade vitamin e, one of the most powerful antioxidants available from nature, protects the hair from hostile environmental factors, including pollution, aging and stress
  • apricot essential oils fight dryness and cell dehydration
  • natural moisturizing factors, including sodium pca, volumize the hair’


The Marco Pelusi leave-in conditioner is lightweight and can easily be spread throughout the hair. It comes in a pump form and since I have hair down to the middle of my back I have to use the equivalent of two pumps to cover all of my strands in order to get the results that I want. As they promised their product makes brushing a lot easier. In fact I love how easily my brush runs through my hair that every now and again I use a little bit on my daughters hair. The reason that I’m bringing this up is because my daughter has that super kind sort of hair that is constantly tangled. Yes, I braid it, but still, it’s always a giant knot of hair. The leave-in conditioner allows me to brush my hair and my daughter’s hair more easily, faster and with a lot less painfully. It’s amazing at detangling and I have to say that this factor alone makes it a worthwhile product to me.

The leave-in conditioner by Marco Pelusi also adds a lot of shine to my hair, making it appear to be healthier in general. It also makes it smoother with fewer flyaways and frizz. While this winter has been a dry one I have ratty hair to begin with so the product has been a great help to me.

Styling is also pretty easy because the leave-in conditioner isn’t sticky or thick. My hair actually soaks it up within seconds so I can run out or flat iron my locks fairly quickly. It’s also a light-weight product which helps in the styling department as well.

I got a sample of the leave-in conditioner but it retails online for $35.25. It does last a while so I think that it’s well worth the price. Check out to learn more.


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