Anastasia Hair Powder Review

29 Jan

Every now and again I feel the need for a little change. However, I don’t want anything permanent like a tattoo. I also don’t want to get highlights because that’s going to take a few months to grow out and I get bored with that sort of thing fairly quickly. I need a quick fix that I have control over and can pick up or drop anytime I want. The Anastasia Hypercolor Hair And Brow Powder gives me this ability.

Company Description: Wipe on, wash out color. Instant Gratification. Get an intense flash of color without dyeing, bleaching, or spending hours in the salon.



Anastasia Hypercolor Hair And Brow Powder Review

The colors included in the set are:

  • Teal Tornado
  • On The Pink
  • Ultra Violet
  • Electric Blue
  • Megawatt Green

To use the powder properly you have to first apply a wax, cream or leave-in conditioner to your hair. so I opted for the leave-in conditioner. Although you can apply the powder with a brush I took the messy route and used my fingers to do it because I wanted to see how hard it would be to remove. A little pressure easily transferred the color directly onto my hair and the conditioner locked in into place. Just to be sure that it stayed put for a little while longer though I used some  hairspray to seal it in.

Although I used a good amount of product, it was well worth the effort because the color really stood out- especially the Megawatt Green and the Teal Tornado. Of all the colors I found the Ultra Violet to be the most subtle but that could also be because my hair is so dark. They all look especially pretty though and make it fun to try out something new and different.

If you use the powder on dry hair it comes off very easily so be sure to not touch your locks or to lean back on the couch. In general, the powder feels like pretty much any other hair powder. It feels a bit dry so if you didn’t wash your hair that day you don’t have to worry about looking greasy or dirty. The leave-in conditioner was a good choice because it kept my locks feeling super soft rather than dull or dry.

Now about that messy part that I mentioned. The Anastasia Hypercolor powder does get all over your hands but it rinses right off with the help of a little soap. It also washes out of your hair when you shampoo once or twice. They really couldn’t have made it easier for you to use. Just don’t forget to wash it out before going to sleep or it will get all over your sheets.

Right now the Anastasia Hypercolors are sold at Ulta. I was sent the set to review but they are actually sold individually for $12.50 each. You can also get more information about it on


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