Sherri Hill Cocktail Dresses On Missy Dressy

17 Jan

When you’re shopping for cocktail dresses there are so many options that it’s hard to decide which direction you want to go. Do you want something sexy or sophisticated? Do you prefer satin, chiffon or lace? Should you go super short or knee length? There are so many options on the net that it can be really hard to decide which direction to take. It’s lucky for us that a site called Missy Dressy offers hundreds of different styles so that even the pickiest fashionista can find something inspirational. They’ve made it even easier for us to fall in love with a dress by carrying dresses by designer Sherri Hill.


Sherri Hill is an innovative designer that makes dresses for the confident girl who wants to stand out. Her designs vary greatly so no matter what your taste there’s at least one thing on her line that you’re sure to like. Check out what I mean.

This red Sherri Hill dress is the ideal example of a sophisticated, yet sexy cocktail dress. While the pure red color boldly ensures that heads will turn, the length and styling leave enough to the imagination to keep it interesting. I think that of all the dresses on this list, this Sherri Hill dress is perhaps the easiest to wear and the most versatile.

I’ve always loved nude colored dresses but they simply don’t look good on my skin tone. If you can carry it off however, be sure to look into this gorgeous Sherri Hill cocktail dress. I love the beading on the chest area because it’s done tastefully. The dress also creates some great curves at every angle. Since it’s available in seven colors maybe I can try it out in pink.

There are so many details implemented into this dress that it’s hard to tear your eyes away from it. First, I’m in love with the diamond cutout in the back. The lace overlays and the beading really make this Sherri Hill cocktail dress unforgettable. I love how rich it looks. With everything that’s going on in this dress it would have been so easy for Sherri to go overboard with it, but she didn’t.  Stunning. Simply stunning.

This dress is made for the girl who really likes to sparkle. I love the metallic abstract design as well as the fact that you don’t have to accessorize much. The model here is only wearing a pair of earrings but her outfit looks complete. You don’t miss the extra jewels at all.

Some of the cocktail dresses by Sherri Hill are in no way conventional as we can see with this stunner. This dress is definitely more aggressive than the others and has an avant-garde feel. By the way, if you do go for this dress, take a look at how they did the models makeup and try to stay with that look because you want your eyes and the dress to pop- not your red lips.

Note to self: do not eat for a week before stepping out in this hot number. It’s one of the simpler dresses pictured here but it’s got great lines, is a beautiful color and looks super sexy. The jeweled sleeves are a nice touch as well.

Like I said, Sherri Hill makes some beautiful dresses to bring out the sexy confidence in you. All you have to do to find out which one is for you is to browse the Missy Dressy site. Personally, I can’t decide which one I like the most. How about you?

This post was sponsored by Missy Dressy.

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