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Knowing how to measure your bra size is something that every woman should learn. This point was seriously driven home to me when I went to meet a friend for coffee yesterday and her breasts were spilling out of her bra as she took off her jacket. Her chest literally looked like a camels hump and I had a very hard time keeping my eyes off of her chest. Finally, I couldn’t help myself anymore and asked her why she was wearing the wrong size bra to which she replied “It’s my most comfortable bra.” While I understand the need for comfort, I can’t understand the preference to wear the wrong size and look clumpy. Doesn’t she understand that wearing the wrong bra size can hurt your neck, shoulders and back and possibly even damage your breast tissue if you’re wearing an under-wire bra? Not to mention that it looks unseemly and messes up your posture?  So for all you women out there who have not been fitted for a bra in a while, I would like to share some tips with you on how to find your bra size so that you have an easier time choosing the right bra.


How Do You Know Your Wearing A Too Small Bra Or The Wrong Bra Size?

If you’re experiencing any of the following, then your bra is too small:

  • You have neck, shoulder and/ or back pain.
  • You have spillage over your bra cups or back strap.
  • The fabric between the cups is standing off of your skin.
  • The straps are too tight.


Measuring Your Bra Size













To Measure Your Bra Band Size:

While wearing a regular bra stand straight and wrap the tape measure around your chest right above the bust. The tape should be straight and fitted to your body- make sure that it’s not too tight so that you’re back is spilling over it. When looking at the numbers on the tape, round off the measurement to the nearest even number. For example, 32 ½ should be rounded of to 33.

To Measure Your Cup Size:

After measuring your band size, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest. Again, the tape should be straight and fitted. When looking at the measurements on the tape be sure to  round to the nearest whole number. If you’re measuring at a half number, round to the next largest whole number. For example 38 ½ should be rounded to 39.

If you’re not confident in your measurement abilities, go for a bra size fitting at your favorite lingerie store. The sales people should be trained to fit you properly and are great in assisting you in picking the right bra.

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