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When Tilth Beauty offered to send me some samples to review, I was drawn in by what the company stands for as well as their ingredients list. In a nutshell, Tilth Beauty strives to create safe, effective anti-aging products by using natural ingredients. Since I’ve been moving more and more towards companies that use fewer chemicals that I can’t pronounce and towards companies that use natural ingredients I was super excited to try out some of the Tilth products. I got to try out their Argan Tangerine Deep Cleansing Lotion and their Gentle Poppy Seed Exfoliator.

Tilth Beauty Reviews

Argan Tangerine Deep Cleansing Lotion (34.00)

Company Description: ’Infused with essential and natural oils, this nature-based anti-aging cleanser enhances, cleans, and refreshes skin appearance, leaving it soft and supple. It also serves as a superbly gentle and effective makeup remover’.

Can you blame me for wanting to try out a product made with the ingredients argan and tangerine? The cleanser has a very light fragrance which is very soothing. What surprises me about this product however is that when  I roll it in my hands before applying it to my skin, the cleanser actually heats up and creates a warming sensation. It goes on very smoothly and is very easy to apply and rinse. I’ve been using it for eight weeks now and every time that I do my skin looks hydrated, radiant and clean.

So what makes the Argan Tangering Cleansing Lotion work so well? Check out this incredible list of certified organic ingredients:

  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride  Highly refined triglyceride oil, increases the skins permeability to promote penetration of actives, improves barrier function, and restores moisture content
  • Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil  Moisturizing, reconditions the skin, balances oil production, provides barrier protection
  • Lipofructyl Argan LS (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) Tree indigenous to South Morocco, rich in poly‐unsaturated fatty acids (including linoleic acid, omega‐6) and natural tocopherols, nourishing, regenerating and protective
  • Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Peel Oil-Packed with vitamin C and anti-aging properties. It also fights free radicals and inflammation.
Learn more about this product on http://www.tilthbeauty.com/store/our-products/argan-tangerine-deep-cleansing-lotion.html.


Gentle Poppy Seed Exfoliator ($38.00)

Company Description: “Using nature’s seeds and jojoba esters, our exfoliation formula cleanses and revitalizes as it gently removes dull and flaky skin to reveal healthier looking skin”.

I’ve used many exfoliators made with all sorts of ingredients ranging from sugar to salt and mystery beads. This is the first time however that I’ve had the opportunity to try one that is made with poppy seeds. The exfloliator is dry so it’s important that you add water or a little cleanser to it before you apply it. I find the poppy seeds to be a touch scratchy as I use rub circles with the mixture onto my face but in no way is it painful. Like the cleanser, the exfoliator rinses easily and leaves me with clean, smooth baby soft skin. I’m happy to say that I always get compliments on how youthful and clear my skin looks after I’ve used it (which is once a week) so that just goes to tell you how set I am on being a long term customer of this particular product.

Here’s the list of certified organic ingredients used in the poppy seed exfoliator.

  • Zea Mays (Yellow Corn) Kernel Meal ‐ Natural physical exfoliator, dense and coarse, from yellow corn.
  • Phoenix Dactylifera (Date) Seed ‐ Natural physical exfoliator.
  • Papaver Somniferum (Poppy) Seed ‐ Natural physical exfoliator.
  • Jojoba Esters  Smooth spheres which deliver jojoba emolliency and active ingredients directly to the skin.

Learn more about this product on http://www.tilthbeauty.com/store/our-products/gentle-poppy-seed-exfoliator.html.

A few more reasons to love Tilth:

  • Tilth Beauty products are paraben free and phthalate‐free.
  • They are cruelty free.
  • Tilth is a member of The Natural Products Association.
  • They guarantee satisfaction and pride themselves on customer service.


In general, when I try a new skincare line, I compare them to my all-time favorite, Suki Skincare. While many are good and some are not so good, most fall short of giving me the phenomenal results that I get with Suki. I find that the products that I’ve tried from Tilth Beauty are right along the same lines because they give my skin the healthy glow that I crave without the chemicals. That being said, I definitely plan to incorporate Tilth into my skincare routine regularly. If you would like to try them out, head on over to http://tilthbeauty.com/.

Have ou ever tried any products from Tilth Beauty? Thought?


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