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28 Nov

My feet are always cold during the winter months. I’m not talking about a chilly sort of cold. I’m talking about the icy cold type that stays within your bones all day and into the night. The problem with this is that cold fee equals a cold body. Enter Grando slippers. Although I had never heard of Grando before they sent me the slippers to review, I became very impressed with how they work.

Company Description:

The Grandoe Corporation’s mission is to enhance peoples’ comfort and enjoyment of life. As part of its ongoing effort, Grandoe continues to add new features and comfort enhancements to their line of Smartdogs® indoor/outdoor slippers. For the Fall 2012 season, new features and enhancements have been added to increase the value and appeal of these unique comfort styles. Comfort IQ is an exclusive temperature regulating technology that Grandoe® has used successfully for some time in their dress glove line. It was a logical step to extend this exclusive technology to make a collection for Smartdogs® by Grandoe®. Comfort IQ is an exclusive Phase Change Bubble Technology that actually stores body heat until it senses your feet need it and then gradually releases warmth. These are the only slippers that are smart enough to balance warmth and comfort on their own.

Grandoe Slipper Review

The style that I got to try out is the Posy Hoodback women’s slippers which come in a charcoal grey color and eggplant trim. There’s also a cute lavender and green flower decorating the sides of each one of the shoes which give them a nice touch. They are constructed with a Cozee fabric, have a brushed polyester lining and a corduroy collar.

The slippers feel so comfortable that I can wear them all day long without feeling like I have flat feet. The reason for this is that they are made with a dual-density, momOskid, thermal plastic rubber outsole which adds flexibility and durability for indoor and outdoor wear. Just check out the soles.

While the insides of the slippers appear to be flat, they actually contain a patented four zone honeycomb footbed which provides air-cushioned support to soothe and invigorate the feet.

Now for the million dollar question- are they warm? Absolutely! I received these slippers shortly before hurricane Sandy hit my town and I lost electricity for almost two weeks. This gave me the opportunity to really put them to the test and see if they give me the warmth that I desperately needed. I found that they did keep my feet pleasantly toasty wherever they covered. The areas that were not covered however, still felt a draft so I made sure to wear socks with them in order to feel fully comfortable. To be completely fair (because trying out a product such as this one without any heat whatsoever is a big challenge), on a regular day when the heat in my home is at 70 degrees, I can go without the socks and without feeling cold at all.

After a long day at work it feels great to relax with my Grandoe slippers. You can check out the Posy and other styles on .

Do you have cold feet? How do you go about keeping warm?

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2 Responses to “Grando Smartdog Slippers”

  1. Kath TheFabZilla November 28, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    Great to see you’re back to blogging. I hope there’s no major damage in your home/neighborhood from Sandy. I can imagine the coldness, at low 70s I’m already wearing a sweater here,no joke. My feet are so cold I need a pair like this.Take care
    Kath TheFabZilla recently posted..Best Holiday Gifts For Her: $25- UnderMy Profile

    • Aleya November 28, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

      Thanks! It wasn’t horrible here- two weeks without power and a few trees down but we didn’t get it as bad as some other cities. I just wish LIPA didn’t drag their feet and not show up to work for over a week and a half. It serves them right to get sued.