Macy’s Black Friday Deals

18 Nov

Ladies get your running shoes on and head over to your favorite Macy’s location where you will find great black Friday deals on clothes,beauty products,accessories, home decor goods and electronics. Not only are you sure to find tons of great gifts for everyone on your list, you’re also sure to save lots of time because everything you need is under one roof so you won’t have to run from store to store.  Here are a few pieces of inspiration to get you started.


I’m thinking that it’s going to be a cold, cold winter this year and what better way to keep warm than by wrapping yourself in a soft cashmere sweater.  Come to think of it, who cares about the temperature when you’re faced with a gloriously luxurious fabric such as cashmere? Regardless of whether the gift is for a man or a woman, a sweater in this fabric will be highly appreciated.



A great way to get personal is to give your loved one a bathrobe. Not only will the robe give them warmth as it hugs them, but it will also give them a relaxed feeling as they hang around the house. While white robes are traditional, you’ll also find a wide range of fashion colors and patterns to choose from. There are also various lengths available;e which is great in case your loved one likes their robe super long or on the shorter side.



You can never go wrong with jewelry as long as you keep the other persons taste in mind. Diamond studs are classics and are on the wish list of most women regardless of their age or personal style. For the conservative woman, you can consider a pearl necklace. Silver looks great on cooler skin tones while gold makes warm skin tones radiant.


Kitchen Appliances

I’m not just talking blenders and toasters here. Macy’s carries a huge selection of coffee makers for those of us who need caffeine to start our day, juicers to help you eat right and Cuisinart electronic appliances to help you make dinner. If you’re into baking they have KitchenAid mixers and waffle makers. They even have soda makers.



Grooming Gift Sets

In the past, we’ve always thought of picking up a beauty set or perfume for women but left men out of the grooming department. Today however, more and more men are taking better care of themselves by using quality grooming sets for men. You’ll be amazed by how many shaving kits, anti-aging skincare sets and acne kits Macy’s stocks up. Your special man is sure to love one of them.


Picture Frames

Not only are they decorative, but picture frames are also a great way to show off your favorite memories. Make this gift personal by including a photo of you and your friend with it. My home has frames all over the place and I feel like it makes it much more personal.




On a final note, if you want to skip the lines or if you’ve had too much turkey and end up sleeping through black Friday, you can still get great deals on Macy’s cyber Monday.

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