The Dorfman Pacific Beret

14 Nov









When I think of a beret I think of a Parisian walking along the Seine River on a rainy day. I don’t know if the top New York fashion designers had the same image in their minds but they must have been channeling some French inspirations because the beret was all over the runways this past season. Lucky thing that the people over at Dorfman Pacific decided to keep me looking stylish by providing me with my very own beret.

The beret is handmade and is constructed from 100% wool. Considering how fast the temperature dropped in NY recently I’m pretty impressed by how warm my head feels when I wear it and keep pulling the sides down a little in order to extend the circumference of the warmth. It fits comfortably and snugly and depending on how far down I pull it, it can expand even though it doesn’t have stretch.

They did a beautiful job in constructing the beret. There are no seems showing in the outside or the inside of the hat and it holds itself together perfectly. You may be thinking that it’s a simple round hat and so there’s really nothing special about the fact that it fits and shapes itself so nicely. Let me just say that this is completely untrue. My dad and two of my uncles own countless berets (it’s true!) and you can tell the ones that are made well versus the ones that were thrown together. Everything about a well-made beret looks expensive while the badly made ones look floppy and sad.

By the way, one of the girls at work is a makeup artist and she was wearing a beret with a plaid shirt and leggings- very cute. Why did I mention this? So that you can go ahead and find ways to wear a Dorfman Pacific beret other than with a turtleneck and trench coat. Now head on over to to check out their gorgeous hat collection or purchase it on Amazon.

Have you ever tried a beret? Thoughts?

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