Elizabeth Grant Organics Concentrate Review

18 Oct

Now you know how much I love Argan oil so I was over the moon when I received a bottle of Elizabeth Grant’s Organics Concentrate to review. I’ve mentioned in some of my other posts that I have good skin in general so why am I so excited about a serum that contains argan oil? It’s because during the warmer months my skin looks great but once it gets cooler or I spend a lot of time sitting in an air conditioned area it instantly dries up and sometimes appears to be a little flakey.

Company Description

“Natural extracts from the dormant bulb of the Narcissus Flower are combined with organic tea nutrients and precious oils from the desert to help repair and rejuvenate skin cells and help to smooth and correct the signs of aging. 

Contains Rare Moroccan Argan Oil and Torricelumn™, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s signature moisturizing compound, which encourage continuous hydration of the skin.  Contains Algae extracts soothes the skin, helping to maintain the skin’s natural and radiant tone”.

Elizabeth Grant Serum Review

The Organics Concentrate serum by Elizabrth Grant is a milky white color but becomes clear once it’s applied. I found that it absorbed into my skin immediately and gave it a serious boost of moisture without feeling heavy. My skin was able to breathe freely and comfortably which is great since I like to use super lightweight creams during the summer so that I don’t glisten in the sun. On the other hand, I prefer heavier creams during the winter when I need extra protection from the wind and since it’s getting cold out these days I have complete confidence in its powers.

It’s pretty much perfume free which I find to be good for my sensitive skin during the cooler months because perfumes actually dry out the skin. I also like that there’s no real fragrance because I can’t stand heavily scented facial lotions- body lotions are ok but not facial. Last but not least the serum gave me a beautiful healthy looking glow that I owe to the moisturizer that I mentioned earlier.

I’m very happy with the effects that the serum provided me. It gave me a beautiful long lasting glow and wasn’t overpowering in any way. I would pay $69.99 for it because the price is worth the results. You can find it at http://elizabethgrant.com/

Have you tried any Elizabeth Grant products? What are your thoughts?

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