6 Cool Nail Polish Designs

9 Oct

I’ve been seeing some really cool nail polish designs on a daily basis. At the supermarket, the pharmacy, at work, my daughter’s school…. They’re everywhere and I can’t help but go up to people and ask if I can check out their nails. Some people think I’m weird but most love the attention. Here are some of my favorites.










Colorblock manicures look clean, modern and fun. I love all of the neon colors that The Beauty Edge  used to create this design. She makes it look so easy.









I’ve seen a few variations of the galaxy design but I love the gold specks that I Have A Degree In This to create this one because it brightens it up a little….and because I love glitter.










I can’t get over how cool this purple hologram nail art looks! It’s young, fun and very different from most designs out there.









Although I love to see intricately cool nail polish designs sometimes you want something that’s a little more laid back. These blue stripes these give me the creativity I crave but are simple enough that they aren’t distracting.










This Beetle Nails #2 design looks like modern art. I love the combination of colors, the diamond pattern and the fact that it looks great on short nails.










This is an example of a cool nail art design that is made interesting with the use of clean, simple lines and an interesting color story. Of course having the best nail art supplies is also helpful in getting those clean lines.

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