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I’ve been sent a FRAAS scarf to review just in time to welcome in the fall chill. If you’ve never heard of FRAAS scarves before, they are known to be ‘The Scarf Company’ and stride to set themselves apart from their competitors by making quality products that allow you to show off your personality and give you versatility. Their scarves, snoods and capes are made from cotton, silk and cashmere in vibrant solid colors as well as bold patterns that really pop. In short, they make accessories that allow you to bring out the best of your own fashion sense while giving you a tool that will help you stay cozy.

The FRAAS scarf that I got is actually a snood that is made from a loosely woven acrylic nylon and wool. I love the color, style and the fact that it’s so warm. Since it’s a snood which is a scarf that is woven into a circle it allows me to style it in various ways depending on what my needs are at the time.

  • I can wrap it around my neck three times and pull it up over my nose for those times when I need some serious warmth.
  • I can drape it around my shoulders twice so that I can feel warm and accent my outfit at the same time.
  • If I forget my hat at home, I can even use it as a combination hat and scarf.


It’s too long to be worn without being wrapped but where would the fun be in wearing it that way anyway?

Would I purchase a FRAAS scarf in the future? Yes, I would. I love their quality and design and their prices are pretty reasonable as well. FRAAS offers a large selection on their site so be sure to head over and see if they have something that you like.

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