Single Women and Health Insurance: Are You Covered?

10 Sep

Being single certainly has its perks, but too often we forget to protect ourselves adequately against more than a broken heart. Health insurance often seems like something that married women need to worry about – after all, we’re not interested in having a baby right now! But regardless of your age or marital plans, you absolutely need health insurance. It’s a good thing you have lots of choices.


Choose Your Parent’s Insurance

Thanks to one part of the new healthcare laws going into effect, parents are now able to cover their children up to age twenty-six. If you’re under the age of twenty-six and you’re not married and not pregnant, you can probably be covered under your mom or dad’s plan. If it costs quite a bit to cover you, consider paying for your coverage or at least chipping in to cover some of the costs.


Insurance Through School

If you’re a student and the parent option isn’t open to you, check to see if your college has some form of student health care plan. You may be able to use a plan approved for students while you’re enrolled at least part-time, or at the very least you’ll become familiar with the policies and options available for students in the health center on campus – virtually all campuses have one, of course.


Simple Insurance

Often we hear horror stories of buying health insurance, but if you haven’t shopped around for your own policy you may be pleasantly surprised to see how little it is to have some form of coverage. If you’re reasonably healthy and lucky enough to not have any sort of preexisting conditions, you can probably score a nice plan that’s affordable and covers check-ups and cuts the costs of prescriptions as well. You’ll have far better luck with a good plan if you don’t smoke and you’re close to a healthy weight as well.


Work Full-Time

If you are in need of health insurance, or worried about your health and can’t otherwise afford care, seek out full-time work. While this seems like a no-brainer, you might have to break outside of your regular mindset to score a fulltime job in a tough economy. Working fulltime in food service or in a large shopping center will offer healthcare benefits, although the job may not be what you’ve been dreaming of doing your whole life.


Even if you just work for six months to a year in fast food or retail, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing you’re covered just in case and you’ll also be in a great position to support yourself and seek out more gainful employment as it becomes available.


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