6 Gorgeous European Lingerie Pieces

20 Aug
























European lingerie is one of my favorite pieces of clothing. Even if I’m wearing workout clothes I know that beneath it I’m wearing something pretty that makes me feel good about myself. While some women don’t consider lingerie to be of any importance, I feel that there will always be a time when you want to look especially beautiful whether it be to satisfy your own ego or for your partner’s pleasure. I also feel that European lingerie is crafted as if it were an art form, is made from higher quality fabrics and has much better support. Here are some looks from some of my all-time favorite designers.

  1. Samantha Black Bra- This Fantasie lingerie ensemble shows Austrian fan inspired embroidery and gives the figure a shape. I love how sexy it looks with the suspenders but you can take it down a notch  by pairing the bra with a thong or briefs if you prefer.
  2. Traviata- One of my favorite European lingerie brands of all time is by Prima Donna  which has created a gorgeous collection for this coming fall season. The impeccable embroidery and soft coloring of this set create a feminine and elegant look while providing heavy duty support. Although crossed straps have never been available on any of their bras before, they are now so that you can get even more use from their lingerie sets.
  3. Saint Germain- A great piece to wear under a low cut shirt. This lacey blue bra with matching brief is not only sophisticated, it’s also affordable because it’s made by Chantelle. My only precaution is that since the decorative straps are so thin, it may be a better choice for women who wear a C cup or less.
  4. Corsetry- The mixture of lace and satin and the way they’re sewn together gives this set a modern twist. The lace detailing that Argento Vivo included in this style hugs the curves of the cups is a nice touch.
  5. Soir De Venice- It’s well worth the effort to put together this sexy, mysterious look by Enchante Lingerie. While it’s probably meant to be worn on a special evening out, I keep wondering how fun it would be to wear it under a power suit at work.
  6. Nothing Basic About It- Just because it’s a t-shirt bra, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be playful. This European bra by Andres Sarda has great lines and gives some nice cleavage. It’s made to wear under a thin shirt and nice enough to make you feel attractive.

Do you prefer European lingerie or American ones? Who are your favorite designers?

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