12 Benefits of Walking – Besides Burning Calories

25 Jul

For those of us who aren’t naturally gifted runners – or even willing to pretend we might be someday, walking is an excellent form of exercise for losing weight and staying fit. But walking doesn’t just burn calories – there are many other benefits to going for a walk every day. All told, walking is probably one of the best things you can do with your morning or evening.


Walking Builds Leg Muscle

Muscle is good for lots of reasons including slowing down the aging process and boosting metabolism, and walking is a great way to build up muscles in your thighs and backside. Since those are two of the biggest muscle groups in a woman’s body, it’s double the benefit for the effort! Walking up and down hills especially helps to build muscle.


Walking Prevents or Delays Diabetes

Research has shown that all sorts of exercise help to prevent Type II, or Adult-onset, diabetes, but walking especially seems to do a good job with reducing the likelihood of the disease. British research found that a brisk walk daily improves your body’s response to insulin.


Walking Helps You Relax

When you’ve had a tough day, walking is a monotonous form of exercise to help the body to process stress and anxiety and ultimately relax. A good steady walk will help you wind down at the end of a long day.


Walking Clears Your Mind

Not only does walking help your body eliminate the physical signs of stress and tension, it also helps the mind to relax. Walking, especially without music, gives your mind a chance to clear and organize thoughts that might have been plaguing you all day long.


Walking Improves Your Sex Life

When you arrive home after your brisk walk, your body will be more relaxed, your mind will be clear and your major muscle groups will be nicely warmed up and ready for a bit of run. The endorphins that are released with walking help put you in the mood as well.


Walking Protects Your Wallet

Walking helps you balance the budget by being one of the cheapest forms of exercise around. Throw on a pair of athletic shoes – or go barefoot if you have the tough soles for it – and get walking. There is no cost at all, outside of athletic shoes, and you probably already have a pair that will do.


Walking Will Reduce Some Medications

Another recent study showed that individuals who take long walks every day are far less likely to medications than others who don’t enjoy the daily exercise. The longer you walk, the less likely you are to take medication – although walking can’t prevent all forms of necessary medication, of course.


Walking Prevents Dementia

Increasing the blood flow to the brain while walking may have an additional benefit as well. Individuals who walk regularly have a 27 percent lower chance of developing dementia as they age.


Walking Can Reduce Cramping

When menstrual cramps hit, the last thing you’re thinking is how much you want to go for a walk. But if you get yourself suited up and head out for a stroll, you’ll be able to enjoy the walk and come back with reduced cramping and discomfort.


Walking Improves Your Odds against Breast Cancer

Studies have shown that women who walk after being diagnoses with breast cancer are more likely to beat the diagnosis than those who don’t. Walkers have a 45 percent greater survival chance after diagnosis according to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, and women who walked before a diagnosis had 30 percent better odds of survival.


Walking Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Walking every day reduces the risk of stroke in women. Regular walkers have a 40 percent reduced chance of suffering from a stroke than nonwalkers. That’s after walking just thirty minutes per day, five days per week!



Walking Lets You Socialize

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of walking is that it allows you to socialize. Walk with friends and you can enjoy talking and chatting without huffing and puffing too much and without shouting from across the gym. It’s a particularly good exercise for new moms who can chat over stroller handles as they briskly walk.

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