Top 5 Things That You Might Be Doing To Unknowingly Harm Your Skin!

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1. Using the wrong products

Your skin needs products that are suitable to its type. Often, people are not aware of their skin type and its specific requirements. Just buying expensive and branded skin care products might not be of much help if the product itself is wrong. The skin type ranges from normal to extra sensitive with dry, oily, and combination skin types falling in between. You need to find out your type and buy products suitable to its needs so that you do not end up harming your underlying skin tissues.

2. Using moisturizer all the time

It is a myth that moisturizer is required in all seasons and is suitable for all skin types. In fact using moisturizers on a regular basis on acne or pimple prone skin is a big no-no! Since moisturizers are generally oil based, they can cause unnecessary eruptions or break outs. Even if you need to use a moisturizer, make sure that you use a water based one. Also remember, excess of anything is never good! Whether you have an oily skin or a dry skin, always use moisturizers sparingly.

3. Scrubbing the scalp excessively

If you believe that excessive scrubbing of your scalp will help you to get rid of dandruff and deep rooted grime in your hair, you might be in for a surprise! Excessive scrubbing does not work in your favour. It stimulates the sweat glands in your scalp and causes them to secrete more oil. This makes your hair stickier and attracts dirt and grime. It is best to go for other methods of treatment such as hot turban therapy, deep conditioning, etc. to keep your hair healthy and shining.

4. Not preparing sufficiently before shaving

To ensure a comfortable and smooth shave, it is important that you moisturize your face well ahead of shaving. Facial hair needs to be weak in order to allow a smooth shave. You should always use hot water for this purpose. Insufficient moisture in your facial hair can cause razor burns, rashes, red bumps, rashes, or even eruptions. Also ensure that you use a good quality shaving cream and avoid using dull or previously used blades or old razors. You should ideally shave in the direction in which your hair grows; this will help you to minimize ingrowths.

5. Filing the nails incorrectly

Improper methods of cutting and filing nails can lead to injury or infection. Cuticles are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and hence are highly prone to catching fungal infections. They maintain the health of your nails by protecting them against the entry of micro organisms in your skin by creating a protective layer between them. Hence cuticle nippers and cuticle pushers should be used with much caution. Often, people use heavy pressure to push back the cuticle; ideally this should be avoided in order to keep the matrix well protected.


Jem, the write who compiled this article, would like to educate you the reader about your skin treatment and health routines. He constantly writes on health issues related to skin conditions and other related topics. Learn more by following him on Twitter at @writerjem now.

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One Response to “Top 5 Things That You Might Be Doing To Unknowingly Harm Your Skin!”

  1. sesame June 24, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    Excellent tips! Definitely agreeing with 1, 2 & 3 based on personal experience. We don’t have 4 seasons here but I don’t like using moisturizers all the time. Tend to alternate that with oil.
    sesame recently posted..Loving my hardy and macho looking Tungsten ringsMy Profile